What Is a Rollaway Bed and What Are the Types?

Having friends or relatives come over and spend the night can be a hassle, especially if you had no time to prepare. How do you go about it?

Do you put them on the couch? or do you have them sleep on the floor or share a bed with someone else?

While all these are possible solutions, none of them seems ideal.

If you wanted to be very considerate, you would also want them to sleep on their beds. But what if you don’t have a room for everyone?

This is where a rollaway bed comes in really handy – just push it out and let everyone have their own sleeping space.

Rollaway beds are increasingly growing in popularity, and it’s not difficult to see why. There are really useful in situations where you have a couple of guests to host but have very limited space. You will find this type of bed commonly used in hostels and guest rooms.

In this article, we are going to look at what a rollaway bed really is and the various types available.

So let’s start with the most important question…


What Is a Rollaway Bed?

What comes to your mind when you think about a bed? “A large stationary 4-legged wooden structure supporting a ‘foam’ and some pillows.”

This old-fashioned conception of a bed is not only expensive but often difficult to achieve in contemporary homes, especially those in metropolitan areas.

Luckily, there’s been a lot of progress in tech over the years, and now we have a more compact and portable alternative to the traditional stationary bed, which is the rollaway bed.

As their name suggests, a rollaway bed is a bed that features a hinged metal frame (can also be wooden) and caster wheels that make it easy to fold and transport the bed. In other words, these beds are designed to be wheeled out when there’s a need for an extra bed and folded again for storage after using them.

This is why they are commonly used in places like hotels and guestrooms where there’s often need to house overnight sleepers temporarily.

As earlier indicated, these beds have wheels that allow you to roll them around easily.

Rollaway beds are not only portable but also cost less than traditional options. And they are great in situations where you are trying to optimize your available space to accommodate unexpected guests for the night.

Thus rollaway beds should not only be comfortable but also occupy the least space possible. They should be built to last and shouldn’t present any difficulty when using them.

In the next section, we will look at the various types of rollaway beds available.

Types of Rollaway Beds

Below are the types of rollaway beds available in the market:

  • Standard

Standard Rollaway BedStandard rollaway beds are probably the most portable beds available. They usually feature steel frames, which could be angular or tabular shapes.

Their flanks or floorboards are also made of steel. They also come with wire or polypropylene to hold the folding mattress.

It is very common for the mattresses used in this type of bed to be very compact and dense.

Height varies depending on manufacturers, but the range doesn’t usually exceed 23 inches.

  • Cabinet

Cabinet BedsAnother type of rollaway bed you will commonly hear about is the cabinet.

As the name suggests, these beds take the form of a cabinet or trunk when folded up. In other words, they conceal the mattress when folded.

They usually look more attractive than the standard models as they often feature headboards and footboards, which adds to their aesthetics.

Their beds are usually very large, while the bed frames are usually wooden with have storage space. As a result, they generally have the highest price points but are still very affordable.  They are also very comfortable and stable.

However, their large size and added weight make them a less stable option. Thus you might find them a little bit hard to roll around.

Cabinet rollaway beds usually come in three size options – twin, double, and queen. They also have casters at the base for mobility and storage.

  • Ottoman

Ottoman BedVisually, an ottoman rollaway bed looks like the standard version. The main difference is that these beds fold into thirds to take the shape of an ottoman, unlike standard versions, which folds into two. Some are provided with a slide cover to make them like a proper ottoman.

Another difference between ottoman beds and other bed types is that they don’t usually have wheels. They behave much more like cots than twin beds.

So apart from using them as guest beds, they also double up cool resting spots for your feet in the living room.

Benefits of a Rollaway Bed

So why would anyone want to buy a rollaway bed? You would have probably figured out the answer by now. But for more clarity, we will highlight a few benefits of the bed.

Less Costly

One of the major benefits of choosing a rollaway bed to a regular bed is that it is cheaper. And this is largely due to their simple metal construction.

So if you have budget concerns and can’t afford to purchase a regular bed, then you should consider a rollaway bed. You will be glad you did!


Another reason most people opt for rollaway beds is that they are portable. In other words, they can be moved from one part of the house to another, depending on where you need them. This is very important if you have guests that want to sleepover, and you need something to accommodate them. It is obviously far better than letting your visitors sleep on the floor.

It is also worth noting that they weigh under 35 pounds and come with canisters, which makes it much easier to move them around.

You will also find them quite useful when you travel outdoors.


The compact size of the beds makes them a perfect choice if you’re looking for something that won’t take up much space.

Regular beds are usually large, and so may not be ideal when you lack living space. To accommodate visitors in this kind of situation, you will need something smaller and more compact, such as a rollaway bed.

Apart from their compact size, these beds also easy to store. Once you’re done using them, just fold up and store away.

Final Words

A rollaway bed is a great option for accommodating guests, especially when you have limited space in the home. You can also use them for travel. They are easy to store and pack speedily.

Make sure you do your homework before making a purchase. You want to choose something that will best suit your needs.

Let us know if you’re still confused about what a rollaway bed is or what the types are. You can also share your experiences if you’ve used one. We look forward to your comments.

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