Most Common Sleeping Positions and Mattress Requirements

Sleeping is when we want to be as comfortable as we can. To re-energize yourself for the next day full of work, nothing is more effective than a good night’s sleep.

But when it comes to the choice of right mattress, it impacts a lot on the type of sleep you’ll have. But most of us users are likely to end up with wrong choices.


Therefore, we’ve thought of the idea of providing a complete guide on Most Common Sleeping Positions and Mattress Requirements. As there are many sleeping positions, the mattress choice should also be based on that. And this post is going to be your hands-on guide in this regard.

Let’s get going-


Common Sleeping Positions

common sleeping-positionsNo matter whichever type of sleeper you are, you have to understand what your body posture demands to understand what type of mattress is important for you. And that implies sleeping position, sleeping posture, physical conditions such as back pain, headache, bedtime temperature of the surrounding, etc.

Forgiving you a firm idea on what kind of sleeping positions are usual, here is a shortlist-

Back sleepers

Back sleeping is one of the most common sleeping positions, and some say that is is the best position as well. Especially, medical advisors and doctors are very much likely to suggest this as the best sleeping position that one can sleep through.

In terms of comfort and soothe, many people find it very adaptable. And we don’t have a point to strongly disagree with them. But like every other sleeping positions, you have to deal with a few issues as well. As an example, sleep apnea and snoring are a couple of them.

There are a few variations of the back sleeping positions, and that is called the starfish position. IN a starfish position, you would involve your arms being up and put around the pillow.

If you are a sleeper in starfish back sleeping position, you may end up with shoulder pressure. Because the position of your hands will cause pain and stress on your arms.

Side sleepers

People who side sleep, like it to sleep in a fetal position where their arms and legs will be curled and bent. Apart from the hands and legs, the body itself is also a little bent.

Because the position and posture are not straight, most of the people are suffering problems from this position. These problems often lead to long-term back problems.

The problem becomes more acute when this position restricts the breathing process and implies a good amount of strain on the back and head. Also, it applies more and more pressure on the nerve system and restricts the blood flow.

Until or unless you get a proper mattress for sleeping, you should not expect to get rid of the bad impacts of the side sleeping. We will highlight this fact later in this article.

Stomach sleepers

The next popular sleeping position that many people are accustomed to is stomach sleeping. Especially, kids and toddlers are pretty likely to sleep in this position.

Let us tell you that, there is a benefit of stomach sleeping that no other sleeping position has. And that is, you will get rid of the habit of snoring while sleeping on your stomach.

Apart from this advantage, there are a number of disadvantages that you need to remember if you are a sleeper of this kind.

First of all, stomach sleepers have to breathe through the pillow, which is quite hard and almost impossible to do with a thick pillow. So, you have to get a breathable pillow. Otherwise, that can call up suffocation while sleeping.

Moreover, the position of the head is quite troublesome, as it can bring on strains and pains to your neck. The backside of the body is also twisted and at stress in the stomach sleeping position. So, there is a good chance that you may catch up back pain.

However, stomach sleepers can hardly give up this habit and transit to a new sleeping position. So, you have to figure out an alternative way to get over the threats and issues. And that can be done using a good quality mattress instead.

We will guide you on which kind of mattress is perfect for stomach sleepers later in this article.

Combination sleepers

These are a few sleeping positions that most of us people sleep with. In some cases, some people are likely to switch between several sleeping positions as well.

Now, this is the sleeping position where the majority of us belong actually, and that is the combination sleeping position. If you don’t suit yourself into any of the particular sleeping position, you may love to switch between two or more of them. If that’s your case, you are a combination sleeper.

Combination sleeping is less likely to create one or more particular stress point on the body. So, the chance of different kinds of aches is way less. But finding the best-suited sleep-time mattress is a hard job in case of combination sleepers. Because they switch between two or more sleeping positions.

So, finding a perfect mattress for combination sleepers is a very hard job to do. However, we will give you a formula though, which will help you end up with a good quality mattress for combination sleeper. However, we are proceeding to discuss the mattress requirements of each sleeping position.

Sleeping Positions and The Mattress Requirements

We will go across the sleeping positions one by one and tell you the mattress requirements.

Mattress Requirement for Back Sleeping

Sleeping on the back is fine. But one of the issues that might bother you is the recessed space in the lumbar area. If you observe your body position while sleeping on your back, you will be able to check how much this recessed area is.

However, the backside is the most important part of a back sleeper which is needed support by his or her mattress. We have seen many people get a thick pillow to fulfill this demand. But that’s not what we would suggest.

There should be a comfort layer on the top of your mattress to support your back. The thickness of the mattress should not be as thick as what you would get in for a side sleeper. Just a soft and decent layer at the top of the mattress would be fine. To be exact about the thickness of the comfort layer, it can be anything around 2 inches.

Mattress Requirement for Side Sleeping

Now, we are going to provide a few tips on what type of mattress you should buy, in case you are a side sleeper. As more than 41% of people are likely to sleep in this position, the choice of the matter is a big concern.

The side sleeping position is quite curvy, and your mattress should be able to relieve the pressure from the body. Take a mattress that is able to recess the area between the body and the mattress itself. This recession is important to form a cradle that will fill them in. In this way, you will be able to distribute the weight of the body quite evenly.

The mattress is a great source of comfort. On that note, a side sleeper would want it more from the mattress. So, you should get one mattress that would be soft and thick and have several comfort layers.

Now that question is,

how the deep layer of comfort should be okay for a side sleeper?

The answer comes to be different based on personal choices. But we have found that 3 inches of depth is perfect for a side sleeper.

There are some more issues that you have to care about while choosing a side sleeping mattress. As an example, side sleepers are likely to cradle a lot at night. They are prone to sore and numb. Also, localized redness is another issue that they have to go through. Make sure that your mattress gives you a hand to overcome all these issues.

Mattress Requirement for Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleepers are in the need of a good quality mattress that supports their position so badly. Because of the twisting position of the backside of the body, and the stressful position of the head, mattress support is quite essential.

However, if you are a stomach sleeper, you don’t need to have that much thick and soft comfort layer on the top of your mattress. Because there is no recessed area when you are sleeping between your body and the bed itself. A drawback of sleeping on the stomach on a soft surface is, you would hyperextend to the lumbar area. And that is bad for health for sure.

Mattress Requirement for Combination Sleeping

When you are thinking of purchasing a mattress for a combination sleeper, you have to take the deepest sleeping position of yours. you know, a combination sleeper likes to switch among a number of sleeping positions and we are talking about the deepest one.

As an example, if you are more likely to sleep as a side sleeper, you need to have a mattress with 3 inches of the comfort layer. If your best sleeping position is back sleeping, then you might consider getting the support of 1 inch in your mattress.

There is one unique advice that we would like to give to people who are combinations of sleepers. When buying a mattress, make sure the transition layers of the mattress are quite good quality. The transition layer is the layer between the support layer and the top layer.

With a good quality transition layer, it will make sure that you can sink into the mattress comfortably. It will relieve your pressure, and also prevent you from sinking so far. As a benefit, there will be the least chance of back pain and backaches.

Types of Mattress Material and Structure

Nowadays, the industry of pillow and mattress had become a million-dollar one. On that consequence, you can see a wide variety of material regarding bed mattresses and pillows. With so many options in hand, It is very hard to pick up the right one and make sure that you don’t regret the investment later.

For that, you need to know the different kind of mattress material and their impact on your bedtime sleeping. Therefore, in this section of the article, we will be talking about different kind of mattress materials and their impacts based on your sleeping position-

  • Memory Foam

Memory Foam mattressMemory foam mattresses are probably the most popular nowadays. If you are in search of acute support and decent comfort, this one is the one that you should go for.

Especially, if you are a side sleeper, having a memory foam mattress on the bed will be a great idea. As these mattresses gradually conform to the body shape of yours, there creates no pressure point on the body.

Also, memory foam mattress ensures that you feel surrounded by the mattress and feel supported and comfortable. Memory foam mattress contains a number of layers of foams, and that is good when you want to resist your tendency to sag in the middle.

Note: Check out our top brand Memory Foam mattress: Inofia Memory Foam Mattress

  • Gel Mattress

Gel MattressGel mattress in the second kind of mattress on our list. Usually, you cannot use a gel mattress solely on your bed. Most of the users use it as a support system with an upholstery layer on top of a foam mattress.

No matter whichever way you are using it, you will feel quite some differences comparing to the memory foam mattresses. Gel mattresses are likely to dissipate body health quite effectively. The gel material used on the top layer of the mattress is made only for this purpose.

So if you have discomfort issues with the temperature on the bed, this is the best mattress that can soothe you. There are some foam mattresses which also offer absorbent materials, but most of the people find it comfortable to sleep on a gel mattress.

  • Pillow top mattress

Pillow top mattressThere are some side sleepers who will not go with either a gel mattress or a memory foam mattress. Instead, they would like to go for pillow top mattress, the mattress with a pillow top with it.

The question is, what is a pillow top? Pillow tops are basically a layer of upholstery that you can keep on the top of your mattress. They come to be very soft and soothing and allows you to sink into the comfortable cushioning.

While using such a mattress, all you have to care about is- what kind of softness you want to have in your pillow top mattress. Based on the requirement of softness, the mattress will come with one or more than one inner-spring layer.



  • Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattressesThe next kind of mattress that we are talking about is innerspring mattresses, also known as coil mattresses. It has internal support made of metal spring which provides elasticity when you are sleeping on the bed.

Measuring the amount of support and comfort is quite easy, as you can count it from the number of innerspring used in the matrix. Also, make sure to investigate the number and distribution of coils to know how much support you will receive to confirm your body.

These are also variable in terms of shape and size, and that matters a lot when you think about the back support it can provide. People who are stomach sleepers would like to sleep on such a mattress on their bed.

  • Waterbed mattress

Waterbed mattressThis is a kind of new and trendy technology used to manufacture bed mattresses. For people who are back sleepers, the waterbed mattress is ultra-comfortable.

Waterbed mattress generally consists of a rectangular chamber which supported with upholstery and contains water inside. The water that is inside can be either or free-flow type or wave-free limited-flow type.

In a free flow water bed, there will be no struggle for stopping the water from moving from one end to another end of the mattress. On the other hand, in a wave-free type of water bed, there will be limitations on the movement of the water. Based on the amount and type of support and flexibility, you should be choosing the right one between the two.

  • Air bed mattress

Air bed mattressThe last kind of mattress on our list is called an air bed mattress. The structure and flexibility are quite like the water bed mattresses. The only difference is, there is an air chamber padded with fiber upholstery instead of a water chamber.

Like water bed mattresses, the air chamber is also comfortable, adjustable as per the level of flexibility you want from it. Even, some brands that produce air bed mattresses, are likely to provide enough stability in both of the sides of a mattress.

If you are a back sleeper, this kind of mattress would be the right fit for you. Also, if you have two persons sleeping on the bed, and each of them requiring different firmness, you should go for an air bed mattress.

Apart from these few mattress types, you will also see latex mattresses and adjustable bed mattresses. We are not going into deep discussions about these two types, as these are not widely familiar with the users.

Some Tips Before We Finish

Before ending up the buying guide, here are some tips for comfortable and soothing sleep-

  1. If you are suffering from back pain or neck pain, don’t sleep in a fetal position.
  2. If you have acid refluxes and have to keep awake for that, you should always sleep on the back.
  3. Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach, especially when you are an adult.
  4. If you have a snoring habit, sleeping on the side may help a lot.
  5. To prevent wrinkles, you should try sleeping on your back.
  6. If you are a pregnant woman, you should sleep on the left side.
  7. If you are suffering from shoulder pain after you wake up, you better avoid starfish position while sleeping.
  8. For avoiding back pain, you should avoid sleeping on your side.
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