The Best King Size Air Mattress in 2018

I know you’d all agree; the easiest way to wreck a great night sleep is to have a bad air mattress to lie on. That’s why you deserve only the best.

However, there is one simple problem. With many air mattress brands gracing our markets, many people find it quite challenging to choose the best one. We are here to help. In this post, we have sampled the best king size air mattress reviews and also given you an expert buying guide for your use.

If you want an experience to savor with your king air mattress, I have sampled up the top four brands that you can take home right now.

Read along to get the grip!

Top 4 King Size Air Mattresses Reviews

King Koil CALIFORNIA KING Luxury Raised Airbed  – Best for Spinal Support and Healthier Sleep

King Koil California King air mattress has many features to die for. With a high style built-in 120V AC pump, this mattress would make a great addition for a quick king air bed in your home. Its best features include.

king size air mattress king koil

Comfort: It has a built in pillow, flocking layer, and an extra gently PVC coating. These features make it great for a good night sleep.

Durable: It has an extra thick waterproof quilt topping. It also has a firm extra spinal support that will give you a great sleeping posture. A suede topping is included to keep the bedding in place.

King Size: The air mattress measures 84” x 72” x 20 to provide you with enough room for two people. It enjoys a coil Beam construction for maximum weight capacity, longevity, and comfort.

Easy to Use: The mattress has a plugin internal pump (this is for fast inflation and deflation). You can easily inflate it in less than 3 minutes. It’s also easy to deflate as fast. You can fold and store after use.

Deal Breaker: King Koil California King is, however, a pricier. But this should be a problem for anyone who wants a great spinal support and a 1-year warranty. With it, you can easily keep the doc away.

  • Engineered Coil Design
  • Built-in User-Friendly Pump
  • Great Size for Two or More
  • Ease of Use and Storage

  • Pricier than the other brands

Fox Airbeds King Size Plush Air Mattress – Best Inflatable King Size Mattress

If you want a king air mattress that inflates fast, Fox Airbeds King would be the perfect shot. It has a two-way built-in pump that makes inflation super-fast. Dig in for more awesome features.

Fox Airbeds King Size Air Mattress

Comfort: It has pillow-top air-flow chambers. This one will provide you with the best temperature insulation it prevents you from feeling cold rushes of air that’s common to low-quality king air beds.

Quality: It is forged with 0.6 mm thick vinyl. This sets high standards of over 43% thickness for the normal industry standards.

Durability: Thick vinyl minimizes air leaks, punctures, and effects of scratches. With a Fox Airbeds Air Mattress, the value for your money is guaranteed.

Super-Size: Fox Airbeds King Size Plush Air Mattress measures 82” x 74” x 19” to give you enough room for a great sleep.

Weight: When fully inflated and ready for use, this air mattress can hold up to 400 pounds in total capacity.

Easy to Use: It has a valve that makes it easy to inflate and deflate even when using a manual pump.

Deal Breaker: For a great king air mattress, this brand only offers a 90-day warranty. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about that much if you know how to take care of your air mattress properly.

  • Air Flow Pillow Top Chambers
  • 6 MM thick vinyl topping
  • Maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Built-In Two Way Pump

  • Easily damaged if mishandled
  • 90-day warranty

Best Raised Inflatable King Size Airbed – Built in High Capacity Airbed Pump

If you want a stylish king size mattress that’s raised high up from the ground, the Air King is your ultimate choice. And that’s not all there is. Here are a number of its top features

Best Raised Inflatable King Size Air Mattress

High Quality: The mattress doesn’t stretch. Most users agree that it’s firm and never collapses like most low-quality air beds.

Best Surface: This king air mattress also enjoys a great finish with the laminated material at the top to give it a firm sleeping surface.

Very Stylish: Apart from being raised from the ground the mattress comes with a stylish king air bed skirt with a perfect fit top sheet to make a memorable fashion statement among other air beds of the same size.

Comfort: The bed skirt leaves you with a comfortable layer between your body and the air mattress. It keeps you warm and leaves you with a great sleep.

Back Support: This mattress is well raised compared to all other king air mattresses. Because of this, it gives a firm support to the back and many users attest to the same.

No Leaks: The extra laminate topping is to minimize the chances of air leaks. It keeps the king air bed in shape and prevents it from stretching and getting weak edges.

Maximum Weight: It can hold up to 600 lbs of weight when fully pumped and lasts twice as long because of the durable vinyl.

Max Size: At 80” x 74” x 18” this air mattress is spacious enough to hold more than two people for a comfy night sleep.

Deal Breaker: The mattress is not ideal for any outdoor activity as the bed skirt finish makes it bulkier to use. All the same, it is a still one of the best buys you’d have for your home use.

  • Laminate surface
  • High-quality vinyl
  • Spacious
  • 1-year warranty
  • 600 lbs weight capacity

  • Not ideal for outdoor use

Stansport Air Bed King: Most Affordable Air Mattress and Best for Outdoor Use

If you are a camper or hiker StansportAir Bed King Mattress is what you should be looking for. It is sturdily built and designed to be extremely durable. It also comes with a ready repair kit.

Most Affordable king size air mattress and Best for Outdoor Use

High Quality: It has a high style PVC build that gives it a durable edge with a maximum lifespan and quality.

Comfort: Like the best air mattresses that we have seen above, this king air mattress also has a plush flocked topping that guarantees maximum comfort when in use.

Durable: It has an extra heavy PVC material. The design comes with coil-beam waffles construction making this king size air mattress camping option and for other outdoor uses.

Easy to Use: This best king air mattress has a dual function valve to easily support both deflation and inflation.

Totally Safe: The valve has a self-locking mechanism and electronically welded seams that maximize its durability.

Deal Breaker: The Stansport Air Bed King doesn’t come with any form of warranty. You must, therefore, take care of it in the best way after you buy.

  • Included repair kit
  • Plush flocked topping
  • Dual function valve
  • Self-locking mechanism

  • Comes with no warranty

Air Mattresses King Size: Tips for Choosing the Best

To help you find the best king size mattress, we have compiled the top six tips that will ensure you have settled on a style to savor. These tips are meant to make your work easy and the results memorable.

Materials of Make

Most king air beds are made of vinyl (PVC). Therefore, if durability is your major concern when looking for your king air mattress, you might want to pay a keen attention to the thickness of the PVC used.

The best air mattresses will use just about 0.4MM of thick PVC. However, some brands are today bringing in a tweak by using thicker vinyl to give their mattresses a high longevity. So if you are looking for king size mattress for your everyday use, a heavy duty option would be your best shot always.

Size Speaks it All

Much like our conventional foam mattresses, air mattresses will also come in different sizes. Make sure that the mattress that you have settled on is indeed a king size. And if you can spare more space buying a king size shouldn’t be a big deal really.

Remember, the days have changed and many people today choose air mattress king size, not for temporary solutions but everyday use. The more reasonable size will matter.

In the USA a king air mattress will measure 76” x 80” while in Europe 160 CM x 200 CM. So before you spend your money, make sure you are putting it in the right product; the best king sized mattress for your everyday use. Our reviews will help!

Inner Construction

This is the game changer when it comes to air mattresses. You could get a thick PVC air mattress king size with an outdated inner design. That’s too bad! The inside of these mattresses come in beams and coils.

We recommend going with coils and not beams. And here is why coils and beams are designed to distribute weight. However, coils perform more like springs and will distribute weight evenly too.

This adds up for a comfy sleep, better bed, and leaves you with less pressure on the seams of the bed which makes your mattress much more durable. If you want the value for your money goes with a label that reads coils.

Go With Reviews

Reviews from previous users will be of great help; especially if you are new to air mattresses. Previous users will give you the right pointers to what you need to look out for in a specific mattress.

Additionally, expert reviews and guides will also sample up to the best mattresses for you and at the end of the day make your work easy. They will narrow down to the best and prevent you from going through this exhaustive process alone.

How do you make sure the reviews are genuine?

  • Look for reviews that are on retailer websites. They often have a confirmation system.
  • Going with a household brand – such brands have a rich history and thus enough reviews.
  • Taking like-minded people into consideration; from hikers, traveler, to home users.
  • Finding expert websites – these are websites created by the industry professionals.

The Right Pricing

It’s important to work with a budget. Buying an air mattress king size is not something you’d do out of the blue. Make sure you know what you intend to spend. Then, get a mattress that falls squarely within your budget range. A good buy is always one that you can afford without leaving your pocket dry.

Customer Care

Air mattresses aren’t that durable, especially without proper care. It is important to have a supportive customer care system that can help you in addressing simple problems fast. This could help your mattress to last long.

Even better, you should buy an air mattress king size from a manufacturer that will offer you a warranty against common air mattress defects such as defects on pumps and material of manufacture amongst many others.

How to Inflate a King Size Air Mattress

A warm king air bed may be needed fast and an air mattress could save the day. It would be bad if you owned one and didn’t know how to set it up. Here is a simple step by step guide that will be of help for a speedy setup. Also, you can follow how to inflate an air mattress without a pump.

Step 1

Determine how your air mattress is folded. It will come in handy when you want to fold it back after use.

Step 2

Get enough space for your air mattress. Make sure the surface if flat such that the king air bed can easily expend freely. Lay the mattress in the space and unfold the sides first.

Step 3

Pay attention to the inflating mechanism of your air mattress; depending on the brand you could have a king size air mattress with built in pump, the chord on the remote pump, or an inflating valve where you can place an air pump.

Step IV

All the options are easy to use. Identify the valve and unscrew the cap. Then follow any of these procedures depending on your type of inflating mechanism.

Separate Pump: First twist the valve to open and then get a separate pump; plug the pump in while making sure the nozzle of the pump is securely inside the hole. Then, turn your pump on and leave the air to flow in as your mattress inflates.

Remote Controlled Pump: This pump is always attached to the air mattress. Once you twist open the cap, you should follow it up by pressing the inflate button on the side of the remote-controlled pump.

Built-In Pump: This is a no-brainer!  Check the valve and twist its cap to the direction which will inflate the mattress until the bed is inflated to your need; once done, twist back the valve to the direction that stops the flow.

Step V

When done, ensure the valve is secured properly. This will prevent the air in the mattress from leaking out. We recommend finding an air mattress with a lock system that secures the air once the mattress is inflated.

Step VI

Determine the firmness of the mattress. If it suits your desire you can sleep on. However, if you are making it for guests, it would be advisable that you seek their opinion on the same. It’s always easy to adjust – you can release air or pump in more.

Step VII

Decorate your air bed. Use sheets and blankets or duvets. Throw in a few pillows and make your guests feel at home!

Note: Don’t rush with your bed.  Most air mattresses inflate fast and there is no need to have any anxiety. Take your time and give your visitors a memorable air mattress king size experience whenever you can.

How to Deflate a King Air Mattress

Once the air mattress king size is used, deflating the mattress is as easy as inflating it. However, the steps may vary depending on your brand. Here are a few simple tips that will be of great help when deflating.

Unscrew the cap then press the release air switch (applies to some beds)

External Pump

  • Untwist the valve cap to open and plug in the pump.
  • The cap should be twisted in the deflating direction.
  • Put the pump’s nozzle in the hole then turn it on to deflate the air.

King air mattress with Built In Pump

  • Untwist the valve cap.
  • Flip the air release switch.
  • Allow the mattress to deflate.
  • You can push the mattress down to speed up the process

NOTE: Once the deflation process is completed you should fold your king air mattress up as you found it. This will make sure the mattress lasts for long.

Patching Up a Leak in Your King Air Mattress

After a long use and when people accidentally leave sharp objects under the air mattress or use the mattress on rough surfaces, your mattress may develop a leak. How do you patch up this leak? Here is a simple DIY process that will help.

Find the Leak

Your mattress loses air naturally so don’t mistake this for a leak. Cold air will make the mattress to shrink while warm air stretches the mattress. You can use a space heater to correct this problem.

To test a leak, make sure your air mattress is fully inflated. Then leave it for some time. If after a few minutes the mattress is extremely deflated then you must really have a leak. You can also sit on your air mattress after you inflate it and if it shrinks below 1-2 inches it might have a leak too.

Don’t deflate your mattress as you search for the leak. Instead of pump it up a little more than follow these instructions.

This post also help you: How to Find Hole in Air Mattress?

Check the Valve

Check the valve by holding your hand over it. If the valve leaks, you should call the manufacturer to replace it. A broken valve cannot be replaced at home.

Check the PVC

If the valve is okay, chances are the PVC leaks. Inflate the mattress full and then stand it up in an upright position. Put it on the side.  Many leaks and punctures will occur at the bottom. Make sure you have enough room to flip the mattress and check for leaks.

Move your ear slowly across the mattress and listen to any hissing sounds. The hiss should denote air escaping.

If there are no hissing sounds, wet the mattress. Use the back of your hand and some running water.

If you have no success use soapy water and search for air bubbles across the mattress PVC cover. Keep the soap mild so that your mattress doesn’t get mold and mildew. Follow these simple tips.

  • Fill water in a small bucket
  • Drop a few teaspoonful detergents
  • Dip a sponge in the water and slowly rub the sponge over the mattress.
  • Start at the valve and move across the seams, top, and underside
  • Any bubbles should note where the leak is coming from.

Patching up the Leak

You don’t need to find an expert. Patching up leaks on an air mattress is a no-brainer. Here is what you should do.

  • Mark the Leak
  • Use a felt pen and mark the leak. You should circle the area.
  • Dry the leaking area fast – use a towel
  • Deflate the mattress and leave it to dry completely under air
  • Buy a patch kit that works on Vinyl/ PVC (a repair kit) would do.
  • Keep the mattress deflated.
  • Sand softly over the leaking point.
  • Clean the area around the leak (keep it dry)
  • Apply the patching glue.
  • Cut a larger patch than the hole and apply as directed by the manufacturer
  • Apply firm pressure using your hand to allow the patch to stick firmly.

Your mattress should be ready for inflation in about 5 minutes. You can then enjoy a great night sleep once again.

Why Choose a King Size Air Mattress with Built In Pump

Built in electric pumps are easy to work with. They are very efficient and will enable the mattress to get filled fast.

They are also easy to deflate once the mattress has been used. And more importantly, because they are built in, you don’t have to store any extra item separately.

Some of these pumps are powered by batteries and manual pumps making them ideal for outdoor uses too especially for hiking, camping, and family picnic sprees.

However, with hiking grounds being a little bit volatile, we often advise our readers from using air mattresses for odor activities.

King Air Mattress: Care and Maintenance Tips

We have been around air mattresses for quite a long time. And during this period here is what we have learned about care and maintenance of king air mattresses.

  • To keep dirt off your mattress, clean air mattress with water and mild detergent/ soapy solution and let it dry by air.
  • For the very first inflation, you should top up your mattress with air after an hour as PVC tends to stretch.
  • Don’t store the air mattress in areas with higher temperatures or humidity. This can easily stress the PVC.
  • In case of an air leak, you should patch up your mattress. Follow the DIY patching guide that we gave above.
  • For electric pumps, you may want to replace the batteries once you have used them up to get the best filling.

Note: There are a number of areas that might not be ideal for storing the air mattress in the home such as unfinished basements, attics, and garage. These places have fluctuating temperatures and could be humid.


Now you have it, the best way to find your next best king size air mattress. Don’t wait anymore. Get out there and choose the best brand for your home use. Make your visitors extremely comfortable through the night.

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