Hybrid Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress – What’s the Difference?

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You should not really make any sacrifices when buying a mattress because these usually cost a big chunk of money, and buying them frequently would put a dent in your bank account. If you do not know what sacrifices you are making, you can not make an efficient overall decision.

Well, if you are relatively new to the mattress market, just know that the two most popular ones are the memory foam and the hybrid ones. There is a lot of debate hovering around these two. And we are here to offer you our take on the hybrid mattress vs memory foam topic.

Hopefully, our version will be much simpler and will be able to help you in the case of choosing one between two of them.

Memory Foam

Let us start things off with the most popular one, the memory foam. Ever since their introduction to the market, these have been growing substantially in the case of popularity. Almost all the popular mattress manufacturers that are out there have their offering of a memory foam mattress.

Well, they did not only gain that much popularity just because famous manufacturers are offering them in the market, but there are also many other factors to back them up.

The Benefits That Memory Foam Offer

Like we mentioned, there are plenty of factors that can back up the popularity that memory foam mattresses have. The main ones are:

Memory Foam Mattress

  • Pressure Relief

Unlike any type of mattresses out there, memory foam mattresses are widely known to offer relief from pressure. They contours to your body and relieves the pressure from the key points. As a result, if you are suffering from back pains, have muscle pains, these are the ones that most of the physicians would suggest.

Apart from that, these can also help lower the arthritis problems that most people tend to suffer from nowadays.

  • Motion Disturbance

One of the problems that most of the mattresses have is the moisture transfer disturbance. The one that does outputs this disturbance will surely wake the person sleeping next to you when you move around. Well, you would not have to worry about that if you get a memory foam.

These have high efficiency in absorbing movements. So, even if you move around a lot in your sleep, your movement will not disturb the person lying peacefully next to you.

  • Comfortable and Quiet

Unlike some mattresses, these do not utilize any springs to offer that plushy feeling for a comfortable overall sleep. Because of that, these would not produce any noise if you move on top of them. Waking up because of creaking and audible noises would not be something that you would have to worry about with these.

  • The Factors Where Memory Foams Lag Behind

Well, you can not just expect anything to be perfect. There is a drawback for each of the products that are available in the market. The same thing can be seen here too. With that being said, these are the things that you should be aware of before purchasing a memory foam mattress:

  • Inefficient Cooling Capabilities

One thing that memory foam suffers a lot is the inefficiency in the case of dissipating heat. It basically does not have any sort of temperature regulatory system. As a result, it can trap body heat, eventually making you sweat throughout the night in summer days.

However, you can fix this issue by simply getting yourself one of the breathable covers for the mattress. But for that, you would have to make an extra purchase, which is always a con in our book.

  • Sagging

The other problem that these mattresses are the tendency of sagging over time. If you lay these on top of a frame that does not have an adequate amount of support, these will surely sag. Even though memory foam mattresses can be restored easily,  going through the extra hassle has got to be a con in every book.

  • Sinking Feeling

Most of the thick memory foam mattresses tend to offer a sinking feeling that not most people are fond of. This happens because the responsiveness is relatively low for these types of foams. However, some of the manufacturers are offering very responsive units.


Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattresses are relatively new to the market. These are something that not all people have a right idea about. Just like the label suggests, these are basically of a combination of materials. In other words, these are a mixture of two different types of mattresses.

On that note, not all the manufacturers are going to combine the same two materials. But no matter what combination they utilize, the one thing that will stay common is the springs. Because of the implementation of the springs, these offer that bouncy feeling that most seeks for. Many even say that these are the best of all worlds.

Hybrid Mattress

The Benefits That Hybrid Mattresses Offer

Following are the factors that make hybrid mattresses stand out the most among all the types that are available in the market:

  • Durability

First of all, these boast a combination of different materials. Alongside that, there are springs on the bottom that are mostly of high gauge steel. All of those combined make them offer a durability level that hardly any other types can offer.

You can easily expect one of these to last for an extended amount of time without showing any signs of sagginess or wears.

  • Breathable

Because these tend to combine two different types of mattresses, the upper layer is always breathable. For that reason, these achieve an efficient cooling capacity that can ensure that you sleep cooler throughout the night.

You would not have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night and finding yourself fully drenched in your sweat.

  • Comfort and Support

Because of the addition of coils, the support that these can offer is relatively higher than most other units. You will not feel that sinking feeling that you would get in the rest of the thicker mattresses. Instead, what you are basically signing yourself up for is a bouncy and responsive feeling.

Apart from that, the amount of comfort that these provide is relatively higher than the others too. They usually have a soft and plushy layer on the top, which enhances the comfort significantly. For that reason, you are sure to get a goodnight’s sleep on top of these.

The Factors Where Hybrid Mattresses Lag Behind

Before you do decide to get any of the hybrid mattresses, you should keep these drawbacks in mind:

  • Weight

Compared to most of the mattresses, these are a bit heavy. For that reason, you would have to make appropriate preparation for setting these on top of your bed.

  • Motion Disturbance

Unlike memory foam mattresses, these are not that good in the case of absorbing motion. The springs inside can make the clingy noise every time you move. Sleeping with a partner can be a bit difficult for that.

Our Top Brands Memory Foam and Hybrid Mattresses

1. Inofia Memory Foam & Hybrid Mattress 

2. Corsicana Gel Memory Foam  & Hybrid Mattress

3. Olee Sleep gel-infused memory foam & pocket spring Mattress

Final Words

Hopefully, we were able to provide you enough details on the topic hybrid mattress vs memory foam. With that, we like to conclude here by hoping that you get a comfortable sleeping experience on the type of mattress that you choose.

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