How to Wash Purple Sheets Without Doing Any Damage?

Purple sheets are known for being incredibly soft, lightweight, super comfortable, and very stretchy. This is why they make a perfect choice for a better sleeping experience.

However, just like any other linen, they require proper care and cleaning not just to ensure they look and smell nice but also to increase their longevity.

If you are here, then it’s most likely you just got your first set of Purple sheets delivered to you, and you’re wondering how best you can possibly clean them.

In this article, we are going to look at how to wash Purple sheets properly without doing any damage.

Like most bamboo fabrics, Purple sheets are generally durable despite being very soft and silky. So cleaning them is not much different from what you already know, except that they require cooler temperatures both for washing and drying, and the use of certain chemicals will need to be avoided.

How Easy to Wash Are Purple Sheets?

washing-your bed sheetIf this is your first experience with Purple sheet, you might be asking yourself how easy they are to wash?

Luckily, the fabric is quite easy to wash and handle. And this is largely because they are made of high-quality materials such as natural bamboo, which makes them easy to handle.

They remain smooth regardless of the number of times you launder them. So you have nothing to worry about. You will be glad to know that the sheets are machine washable.

Through gentle washing, you can extend the life of the fabric.

Basic Steps Washing the Sheets

Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to wash a Purple sheet properly:

  • Prepare the Washing Machine

Set your washing machine to a low temperature on a gentle cycle. Purple recommends washing with warm or cold water. So whatever temperature you choose, try not to exceed 30 degrees Celsius, though lower temperatures are preferable if you don’t have any serious stain on the fabric.

Washing Purple sheets at low to medium temperatures will ensure they last longer.

  • Wash Different Types at a Time

Don’t wash more than one sheet at a time to avoid any abrasion or pilling of the sheets by the hooks or zippers. Each sheet should be washed separately. This also applies to other linens. It’s better not to wash together with your blanket or towel to prevent linting, except if you don’t mind.

  • Using of Chemicals

We recommend using a mild liquid detergent. If you want, you can use powder, but make sure you dissolve it first in the wash before adding the Purple sheet.

Do not use bleach on the sheets as they contain a lot of toxic chemicals that could damage the elasticity of the fabric. Perhaps, Purple sheets naturally hold up well against bacteria and mildew, which makes bleaching unnecessary.

  • Additional Measures

If you have serious stains, consider using a laundry stain remover and pre-soak. Purple sheets stay soft no matter how much you wash them, so there’s no need to add a fabric softener.

Upon arrival, you can wash the sheets before using it for the first time, but this is not compulsory. We recommend washing weekly or after every ten days during summer. However, you can allow them to stay up to two weeks during winter.

Next, let’s see how to properly dry the linens



Once you’re done washing the sheets, the next thing is to dry them properly.

The recommended way to dry Purple sheets is to use low heat. For this purpose, it is best to line dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Do not use a dryer as it can damage the elasticity and color of the fabric. Even if you must use a dryer, make sure it is set to the lowest heat and get the fabric immediately after drying to avoid wrinkles. Generally, we don’t advise using dryers for this type of beddings.

The good thing about Purple sheets is that they handle wrinkles well, which is why they drape so well. So don’t worry if you notice wrinkles after washing them or when you take them out from storage. Just give it a little time, the wrinkles will disappear. By the time you’re ready for bed, they would be looking fresh and flat.

Purple advises not to iron the sheets to preserve their elasticity. But if you must iron, use a very low temperature. You will still get a crispier look because the material is so soft.

Storage and Replacement

It’s always a good idea to store your linens when they are not in use instead of leaving them to lie about the room. Once you fold them up, store away in a bag.

If your Purple sheets for your mattress and do not come with a storage bag, then consider purchasing one.

We recommend storing in a breathable bag to protect from dust and dirt. Keep the bag in a cool and dry place, safe from the sun.

Don’t store in plastic containers as these may trap moisture, which could encourage the growth of mildew and discoloration of the fabric. Cardboards should also be avoided as they are usually acidic.

We recommend replacing the sheets once they stay up to a year. If they still look and feel sharp, then you may still use them for six more months before purchasing new ones.

Pillowcases should be replaced earlier (say six months) as more sweat, oils, and makeup rub off on them. Don’t wait till the stains become obvious, and the hems start fraying all over your linen before you replace them. It is not good hygiene.

Final Words

Your bed should be your ultimate retreat for rest and quality sleep. So you want it to blossom in peace and tranquility. For this purpose, you will need a sheet that doesn’t only look and smell nice but is also clean inside out such that there’re no traces of dirt or filth.

Hopefully, now you know how to wash Purple sheets without doing any damage.

Let us know if there are any more questions about the topic you would like us to answer. We will be glad to help.

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