How to Restore Memory Foam Mattress?

With time, memory foam mattresses can sag. And when it does sag, the comfort takes a massive dip. This sagging thing is quite common in the case of memory foams. It is basically the only drawback that restrains people from buying one of these, because nobody wants something uncomfortable.

However, if the same thing is happening with the unit that you got, you must be wondering whether there is any way to restore it or not.

Well, let us be the bearer of good news and say that we are going to show you how to restore memory foam mattress in the simplest way possible. You will not have to go out and buy yourself another one.


What Makes the Memory Foam Sag

Before we get into the process that you need to follow to restore the sagged memory foam, let us go through the things that cause the problem in the first place.

These are the reasons why your foam might have sagged:

  • Lack of Care

According to us, the most common reason that makes these units sag over time is the lack of care. Just like everything else, without proper care, these will wear out and tear down faster. Taking care is something that you should do from the very beginning. Yes, right after you take it out of the packaging.

  • Lack of Support

Not all the units will have a strong core. And the ones that do not have a support core demands a proper foundation. Whenever you sleep on top of the unit that does not have adequate support, you make it wear.

  • Pressure

Each of the mattresses has a definite capacity. For example, if the unit is Twin-sized, two people can sleep on it at best. And if more than two people sleep on it regularly, you would be wrong to expect it to last for an extended amount of time. In fact, you might even get half the advertised lifespan.


Ways to Prevent Foam Mattress from Sagging

If you can follow the process of preventing the unit from getting appropriately sagged, you would not have to go through the hassle of restoring the mattress. The ways that you should follow to enhance the lifespan of memory foam are:

  • Taking Proper Care

As we mentioned above, you should start taking care of the unit right after taking it out of the box. And by taking are, we are actually suggesting you clean your memory foam mattress regularly.

The mattress needs regular cleaning because the dirt and debris can get trapped inside the foam, which can substantially degrade the overall lifespan. Take your time while you are vacuum cleaning the unit. Clean each of the sides and every corner.

If your unit has spots that need cleaning, we recommend cleaning it with a cloth. Do not use spray cleaner directly on the mattress because that will definitely make the foam’s overall integrity weak. Instead, we suggest spraying it on a cloth and then gently clean the area.

  • Use Proper Foundation

While most mattresses will not require any extra support, it is always good to use proper foundation kept at an appropriate distance. We would not recommend you to put the unit on slates that are less than three inches apart. If the distance is more than three inches, the mattress will surely sag after a couple of months.

Moreover, do ensure that you use durable slats to handle the weight you will put on it. If you do use relatively weak slats, the risk of the mattress sagging will be much higher.


Ways That Restore the Memory Foam Mattress

Now that you know about the reasons that cause the foam to sag, you would want to know about the ways to restore it, right? Well, these are the processes that you can follow:

  • Flip the Mattress

The first thing that you would want to try to restore the unit is to flip it. If you are one of the sleepers who prefer to sleep in one single position every day, that specific place will surely sag over time. To restore that position, simply flip the mattress over or rotate it. Do this every time the place gets saggy.

  • Add More Support

If flipping does not work, you have to follow a different method. Sometimes, all the mattress needs is a bit of extra support. And if the slats that it is laying on top are not sturdy enough, we would suggest replacing them.

But if you already have a durable set of slats, we would recommend placing them 2 to 2.5 inches apart. That will provide additional support to the mattress.

  • Mattress Topper

The mattress toppers, otherwise known as the mattress pad, is your last resort if the processes mentioned above fails. These are generally available in all sizes and different thicknesses. Many of them even have cooling capabilities, which means the possibilities of you sweating too much in the summer will be significantly lower.

Moreover, they are not only going to resolve the sagging but also will add more comfort. You are sure to get a redefined sleeping experience on top of these.

Mattress pad or topper which one best for you and what’s the difference between them check our post:

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Final Words

Sleeping on top of an uncomfortable mattress is not recommended at all. They can cause back pain, and most importantly, you would not have a comfortable and energizing sleep.

To conclude, we hope we were able to show you how to restore memory foam mattress properly, and the steps that we included were easy to follow.

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