How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable?

Sleep the way Mother Nature intended!

What is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you feel sleepy?

A cozy bed, isn’t it?


Nothing compares getting into a comfy warm bed after a hectic day. A perfect air mattress can make your sleeping experience more restfulness. Thinking of how to make an air mattress more comfortable?

To make your mattress complete, you need just a few finishing touches. Keep reading, and you’ll find out the simple hacks that give you the utmost pleasure.


How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable- Air Mattress Hack

As you are sleeping on an air mattress every day, it’s pretty obvious that it deflates overnight and become too firm after some time.

Here is some easy way by which you can make your air mattress more comfy and cozy.

Not Too Soft, Not Too Firm

Don’t be a fool with the fancy advertisement of manufacturers. They claim that they are offering the best air mattress.  The amount of air in the mattress has a vital effect on its performance.

If an air mattress doesn’t get enough air, it becomes saggy and loses the ability to support the body weight. On the other hand, if it gets too much air, it will be too soft and firm. The worst part is it will probably pop a hole.

So inflate the mattress properly.


Spread Some Cover, Blankets, and Sheet

Keep in mind that, air normally heats up or cool down faster. As a result, an air mattress also reacts to climate or temperature change.

Especially when you are using the mattress for camping, it happens eventually. To avoid this problem, Place some fitted bed sheets, blanket, and covers to prevent unwanted temperature changes.


Fair enough, but one more thing.

Like any bed, always ensure the mattress sheet and cover are evenly spread. If you place it as crumpled, you will feel uneasy. So spread them tightly to prevent any crease.

Besides the fitted sheet, you can put some type of blanket or comforter on the air mattress. Like the sheets, the comforter can keep you covered and cozy.

I know the feeling of spending an evening in a cozy bed with a light cotton blanket and a cup of tea, it’s marvelous.

A light blanket won’t overheat when it’s hot, but help your body to retain heat. However, if you are allergic to the goose, avoid it and try other alternatives.

Lay Your Mattress on a Flat Surface

Waking up with unbearable pain?

Well, Most probably you didn’t put your mattress is on the flat surface.

A soft surface is a good choice if you are affecting from the lower back. Unlike foam mattresses, the air mattress does not love hard surfaces. So place your mattress on flat carpet or surface. It helps maintain pressure and will increase the quality of life.

It is the easiest way to improve the quality of your inflatable mattress.

Throw a Bunch of Colorful Pillows

Besides luxurious touch, a few pillows can make your sleeping area vibrant. It’s a handy trick using a pillow to prevent neck pain and backaches.

But make sure, pillows are soft enough; also offer you the needed support.  Apart from this, these pillows help align the spine as well as protect from potential harm. But be careful using them.

So trust me and surround yourself with a couple of pillows of all sizes and shapes.

Use a Mattress topper or Pad

There are plenty of mattress toppers for the air bed, and these are quite effective to make a comfortable atmosphere. You will find Latex, Microfiber, and cluster fiber mattress toppers on the market. Place the topper between the mattress and the sheets get a more comfy sleeping surface.

Do you know the best part?

Mattress toppers or pads are ideal for preventing back pain. In most cases, sagging mattresses are the culprit behind back pain. The average thickness will help you to avert back pain issues.

In a nutshell, investing in an air mattress is worthy.

Think About a headboard

A headboard can give a feeling of a cozy bed. I feel uncomfortable without a headboard. It’s a feeling more like insecure.

Its true air mattress doesn’t usually come with such headboard; you have to invest in it. But trust me just spending some bucks you will get an amazing atmosphere.

If you can’t afford it right now, it’s better to use the wall as a headboard. Or place your mattress near the wall.

Create a Real Bed Atmosphere

We spend about one-third of our life sleeping. So it’s pretty important for all of us. So creates an environment that invokes restfulness. To make a perfect environment, all you need is some finishing touches. As I mentioned earlier, use a headboard, pillow, and blanket to make it cozier.

Think about a bed skirt too. I put a nightstand on both sides of my air mattress that offers super convenience. Most importantly, it creates realism. When I lay down at night, I use spritz fabric spray on my pillows — every possible way to create a cozy environment.

Assemble Your Mattress with Care

Last but not the least; pack the mattress in the right way. Never be rush to fold it. Pack away properly is crucial for its performance. Don’t stick the mattress in a cupboard. Store it somewhere safe after use.

Frequently Asked Question about air mattresses and comfort

Before saying goodbye, I gonna touch up some relevant questions about this issue. I think it will be helpful to you. So check it out:

1.  Can an air mattress be put on a bed frame?

As your bed frame had slats and made from wood, it won’t be a wise decision to use an air mattress on it.

2. Are air mattresses good to sleep on?

Well, using the air mattress once in a while is ok, but I don’t recommend it for long term use.

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