How to Find Hole in Air Mattress?

Do you suspect your air mattress has a puncture? If you do, you’d have to find the hole where the mattress is punctured. While the hole could be easy to fix, the most daunting task that many mattress owners face is how to find hole in air mattress

The reason this is often challenging because on many occasions the hole is usually a pinhead in size. It is usually invisible with the naked eye and could even be easily passed. Even so, there are many ways anyone can use to find the hole.


Best way to find the hole in an air mattress

However, for the sake of effectiveness, ease, and least amount of mess I would dwell on two main methods. Read along to learn more here.

Method#1: Soapy Water Method

The soapy water method has been used in the air mattress. However, there is one advice that you need to keep an eye on if you are using this method: DO NOT USE it on an air mattress with plush-top!

What You Need:-How to Find Hole in Air Mattress 1

  • Bleach-free soap
  • A soft rag or sponge
  • Water
  • A bucket/ dish/ pail/ pan (used to hold the soapy liquid)


Take your bucket or pail and fill it with plentiful water. Make sure your rag or sponge can completely submerge in it.


Add enough amount of dish soap. Make sure it is adequate enough to produce large soapy lather when the water is stirred.


Set up your air bed in an open and free area then blow it up to capacity. Ensure the area is safe from any other hazards that could prick the mattress. The more pressure you’ve got easy it will be to determine the leak (do not over/ under inflate).

Note: Over-inflation can easily enlarge the hole, cause more damage, and possibly split your mattress seams.


  • Dip your sponge in the soapy water. Make sure it gets thoroughly wet.
  • Pick a starting area on your mattress and wipe the sponge at a snail’s pace over it.
  • Make sure the sponge captures every area of the mattress including the seams too.
  • Apply pressure (just enough) and work slowly around the entire mattress surface.
  • Watch closely for any signs of air leaks (air rushing out the hole) usually air bubble.

How to Find Hole in Air Mattress

Note: Keep to this method for every area of the mattress including the seams, sides, top, and bottom. When you find the leak, use a marker pen to or a piece of paper tape to mark the leaking area. It will make it easy to find the hole even after the mattress deflates.

Method#2: Tissue Paper Method

The next trick in line is the tissue paper method. This is SAFE FOR EVERY TYPE of air mattress.

What You Need:-

A roll of tissue paper

This can be a single-ply tissue paper, napkin, toilet paper of a foil.


Take your air mattress and inflate it to capacity. For this method, make sure you inflate your air mattress in an open and quiet room where you can easily flip it around. The room should also be safe from any sharp prickly objects.


Take your tissue paper and roll it out. Now lay your tissue paper flat on the surface of the air mattress. Apply pressure on the mattress. This will direct the pressured air to the place that you’d be working on.


  • Move the tissue all-around the mattress.
  • Make sure you have covered the seams, surface, and edges of the mattress.
  • Listen for any signs of air leaks (often a hissing sound)
  • Watch also for any slight disturbance on your tissue paper.
  • If the tissue goes over the leaking hole you’d hear a faint hissing sound over the tissue.
  • If the leak is extra-large you could also see the tissue paper try to fly out of place.

Note: Most air mattresses sustain leaks along the seams and the edges. Therefore, it is quite important that you pay close attention to these areas. Take your time over them until you are certain they’ve got no leaks.


Once the leak is found, you should make it using a felt-pen, marker, or adhesive tape. This gives you the chance to easily identify every hole on the mattress when you want to patch them up too.

Patching Up Your Air Mattress

Once you have marked any hole in your air mattress, it will be time to patch up your air mattress. Make sure that you dry the area above leak before you patch it up.

Use a patch kit to give your mattress the best finish so that it sustains no more leaks in the same area that you just fixed a few minutes before.

You should also inspect your mattress for any other multiple leaks. However, this should only be done one step at a time. It isn’t advisable to determine all the leaks at a go as your air mattress needs to be inflated to capacity if you need a successful process.

Other Additional Methods

Apart from the two methods that I have shown you today, there are a few other methods that experts hail. They are equally effective but might not work for every air mattress owner. They include the following.

  • Using a garden hose.
  • Submerging your mattress in a pool of water
  • Manually inspecting air mattress for leaks.

Note: Some manufacturers will not recommend that their products be submerged in water. You should, therefore take a quick check on your air mattress before you choose to submerge it in water.


Your air mattress is a good investment. You need to take proper care of it to make sure that you get the most out of it. One way to do this is by keeping all the leaks away. Start this ideal care and maintenance process by learning how to find the hole in an air mattress and fix your air leaks today.

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