How to Dispose Of an Old Mattress

Take Away Old Mattress!

Are you tired of sleeping Saggy mattress which fails to support your body equally?

It’s a familiar story and it usually goes like this you started to think about what to do with this Dump Mattress.

Yes, I know the feeling when you wake up tired and achy.

The fact is a lumpy, soft and depressed mattress can cause a lot of trouble because your back and body will not get the even surface that is essential to retain your body posture.

So it’s time to say goodbye to your old mattress.

say goodbye to your old mattressOK, I know what you’re thinking about what to do with an old mattress?

The very first thing that comes to your mind is to throw it away, right?

Don’t even try to deny it!

Fair enough, but there are also some smart ways to dispose of an Old Mattress. If you want a detailed explanation of how to dispose of an old mattress then check this out:


How to tell it’s time to dispose of an Old Mattress

First of all, you should know how long should your mattress last

The average life span of a mattress is ten years. However, the quality and type of mattress will determine the extension of the mattress. Let’s see the estimated lifespan of a mattress.

  • Memory Foam: 7 years
  • Innerspring: 5 Years
  • Airbed: 7.5 Years
  • Latex Hybrid: 6 Years
  • Latex: 6 Years

Besides time, replacing your old mattress depends on a lot of factors.

After 8 hours of sound sleep, still, feel tired?

Well, then the reason behind this Sleep Deprivation is your old mattress. Meanwhile, if you can notice any of the following, it’s time to get a new mattress.

  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Sagging
  • Body Aches
  • Lower back pain
  • Wear and Tear
  • Dust

4 Smart Ways to Take Away Old Mattress

say goodbye to your old mattressDo you know in every year approximately 15-20 million mattresses are disposed of just in America?

Does it make any sense?

That means this disposal takes around 132,000 square miles in landfill space.

Alarming, right?

As a result, the government takes initiatives to cut down this amount of decreasing waste. Besides mattress disposal near me, we should also think of it and find a responsible way to dispose to care for the environment.

Have a look.

Method 1: Mattress Recycling

Mattress recycling is one of the best ways to dispose of the old mattress.

Why Recycle?

Well, there are plenty of advantages that come with recycling your old mattress. From the environmental fact to the money you can save, recycling is an easy action that results in a long way.

Do you know the best part of it?

Approximately 80% to 90% of mattress parts can be repurposed or recycled to create new products. Thinking of how to recycle an old mattress?

First, find out the free mattress recycling near me.  It’s true you will be charged a decent fee for recycling the old mattress. Let’s see some recycling centers which are helpful for mattress recycling.

Bye Bye Mattress: A mattress recycling program which works to converts the old products from waste by recycling, creating cleaner communities as well as useful products.

earth911: if you decided to the eco-friendly concept “go green,” then this organization can help you. They maintain thousands of hotline to communicate easily.

Method 2: Donate Your Old Mattress

If you think this option, undoubtedly you have a good soul. But only consider donating your old mattress if it’s in decent shape.

Don’t try this if it’s in rough shape, how it could be beneficial to someone else. First, think about charity organizations.  Many charities will refuse to sell old donated mattresses, but accept old mattresses to reuse. Most of the cases they recycle them.

Call non-profit thrift charities and stores in your area to know about their policies for used mattress donations. Keep in mind that these charities usually accept mattress donations that are short on space. They prefer Twin-sized mattresses than the queen or king-sized mattresses.

Let’s see some organization which promotes Donating Your Old Mattress.


An American organization that is known for employment placement services. This charity organization has more than 3,200 donation centers across America.

Now come to the point of mattress donation procedure of goodwill.

At this time, they do not accept used mattresses. However, you are welcome to donate your old mattress pads, bedding, bed frames, and linens.

Salvation Army:

Since the 1860s, this noble charity organization has been helping families in need. To donate mattresses in the Salvation Army, it must be in good shape as well as free of burns, stain, and any type of damage.

Meanwhile, they value a single mattress between 15$ to 35$. On the other hand, a double mattress evaluated between 12.50$ to 75$.

Method 3: Break the Mattress down Yourself and use it

If you have the time, and tools, space, this option is for you. Usually, Mattress is made of wood, cotton, steel, foam, box springs. And the good news is most of them can be recycled.

The average mattress has 25 pounds of steel. Thus, this Steel can be melted down and create a wide range of products and parts.

Simply remove all steel parts and spring from your mattress, bundle them together.try to sell them for scrap. You can earn around $10 for 100 pounds of scrap metal.

Most mattresses contain a mix of natural fibers like wool, cotton, and silk, and also non-natural fibers like rayon and polyester. Most of the fibers found in a mattress can be reused or recycled. Like foam, you can use mattress fibers to make insulation or padding.

Method 4: Throw It Away

When none of the options works, then you got just one last option. Sometimes the best solution for disposing of an old mattress is to throw it away. So you will need to check with your state’s local mattress disposal regulations, to ensure you dispose of the mattress properly. You should ask if there is any removal or disposal fee.


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