Best Portable Guest Bed: Reviews and Buying Guide

Knock! Knock!

You opened the door and suddenly your jaw dropped for two reasons. Your friends are here to surprise you for a sleepover. And your bed doesn’t have enough room for them.

What will you do?

You cannot just say ‘Sorry guys, my bed is all messed up’. It’s going to be an embarrassing situation.

Well, to save yourself from situations like this, it’s always a wise idea to have a portable guest bed in your home.

Got unexpected guests for a sleepover? No problem, you can simply unfold the portable guest bed, and have it prepared within minutes. After you have them gone, simply fold it and keep it inside a small space to store.

Pretty handy, isn’t it?

Well, if you want to buy a portable guest bed, you’re in the right place. I will make sure you don’t get your hands on the wrong product. This is why I’ll guide you to find the best portable guest bed.

So, what’s making you wait? Let’s dive in.

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Best Portable Guest Bed Reviews

Below are the portable guest beds that have been running hot in the markets for a while now. Give this article a read and choose the one that suits you most.

   1. LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed

LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed with 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Rolling...
  • Rollaway guest mattress is soft and ultra supportive, with a medium feel mattress featuring 1 inch of memory foam and 3 inches of support foam
  • Quickly pull out the bed for guests or children, then fold and roll away for super easy storage
  • With its easy assembly, locking wheels for safety, and CertiPUR US certified memory foam with no harmful odors, this bed is safe for children

If comfort is what matters to you most, you can rely on the LUCID rollaway folding guest bed with your eyes closed. When it comes to creating a comfort zone, this portable bed is a gem. Loaded with tons of advanced features, the product maintains durability, portability and comfort zone.


A 1-inch memory foam constructs the bed which is soft enough to do the job of a lullaby. Once your guests hit the sack, they’ll feel their body has dived inside a piece of butter.

It eventually makes your eyes closed as you feel its soft embrace, thanks to the 3 inches support foam.

Easy Setup

Preparing this bed is simple like snapping your finger. Even when your friends give you a surprise visit, you can prepare the bed for them within minutes. All you need to do is pull it out when your guests come in and fold it when you don’t need it.


Does it take too much space? The answer is a big NO. The bed comes with a very compact design and shape, built especially for blending inside a small space.


The mattress is made up of a heavy-duty frame and can take a beating. Unlike its competitors, its high-quality construction ensures the product can last for years after years. If you want a durable mattress, this one should be your best pick.

Highlighted Features

  • The 1-inch foam along with 3 inches support foam makes the product soft and comfortable.
  • It’s easy to install and easy to unfold.
  • It comes with a compact design that takes a little span of space.
  • It is durable enough to last for years.

  2. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Twin Size - with Luxurious Memory Foam...
  • Exceptional stabilization and support – Features a full-metal folding bed frame with 4 extra-durable legs that include a locking brace for your safety, and a unique wire lattice base that ensures no sagging at all.
  • Luxurious memory foam mattress – featuring a premium 2.5 density rating for soft contouring comfort and the perfect amount of support. Our mattress comes with a stylish and velvety-soft cover that’s removable and washable. Mattress cover may vary slightly in design.
  • Ease of use – uniquely manufactured clamshell folding pattern secures shut with an adjustable trident buckle for compatibility with other mattresses or toppers.

Memory foam toppers, folding beds, you name it, you can depend on Milliard premium folding bed to have the ultimate sleeping experience.

With its packed full of advanced features, you can turn your nap into a refreshing nights’ sleep.


If durability is what you care about (and you should be), the bed is the game for you. Unlike its competitors that lack durability, the bed is constructed with heavy-duty, high-quality steel tubing.

The steel tubing has got double reinforcement at the base which is not only durable but ensures it won’t bend over time. The entire frame boasts a sleek back finish which will get you covered for years of satisfaction.


If you’re on an adventure journey and you’re thinking that carrying a bed with you isn’t a bad idea, the bed should be your pick.

It’s so light that you can carry this bed all by yourself, using your two hands. It has got legs that automatically fold themselves when you’ll part the mattress. To make your transportation easy, the bed features a 360-degree pivoting caster. This also ensures maximum mobility.

The bed comes with 2 wheels that lock in place when you’re moving the bed.

As for space, the bed is so compact that it can be stored almost anywhere in little space. Just fold it when your guests are gone, and you’ll see how it fits in a small storeroom.


Thin mattresses can give you a hard time sleeping with comfort. Trying to sleep on hard surfaces is more like trying to win a war zone.

Love squishy, soft and comfortable beds? The Milliard folding bed can fill your cup. The 2.5-pound memory foam mattress doesn’t compromise comfort at all.

As you lie on it, you’ll be hugged with its soft and squishy embrace which will, of course, make your eyes closed.

With its spring-loaded softness, you’ll find the bed quite bouncy. But hey, do not jump on the bed, okay? It’s meant for a nice and warm sleep.

Highlighted Features

  • The construction of high-quality steel tubing makes the product durable enough to last for years.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry and has 2 wheels that ensure amazing portability.
  • The product boasts a very compact shape and design, so you can store it even in small places.
  • It’s soft, squishy and bouncy which helps you to have a nice and sound sleep.

   3. Milliard Tri Folding Memory Foam Mattress

Milliard Tri Folding Memory Foam Mattress with Washable Cover Twin XL (78...
  • The Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress allows you to get a comfortable night's sleep wherever you go. Simply unfold the foam bed on the floor in any room, mobile home, or tent for a comfortable night's sleep. This bed easily accommodates all your sleeping needs then folds neatly away for storage in seconds.
  • Memory foam is known for the therapeutic qualities and comfortable support. The Milliard tri-fold mattress is ventilated for air flow to help regulate sleep temperature for maximum support and comfort.
  • The Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress is the ideal solution to temporary sleeping accommodations. Perfect for unexpected sleep over guests, family reunions, dorm rooms, camping and traveling.

Our next pick is the Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress. This is one of the best products from Milliard which has been running super hot inside the marketplace. It has met the demands of thousands. Packed full of advanced features, it can be your perfect mattress too.

Comfortable Sleep

Your friends are not going to like to sleep on thin mattresses after spending a whole day partying, right? Save the embarrassment and replace your hard guest bed mattress with Milliard Tri Folding memory foam mattress.

It is super soft and bouncy which, once they lie on it, will make their eyes closed within minutes. The warming embrace will make your friends go wow. The foam mattress surely is one of the best, if not the best portable mattress for guests.


You might want to have a bed with you while traveling anywhere. You can take the Milliard Tri Folding memory foam as a company. The mattress is light enough, allowing you to carry it anywhere, anytime you want all by yourself.

Air Flow

Getting enough amount of airflow is a must for all mattresses. Otherwise, the mattress would heat up. Cheap mattresses do not have the ventilation process for airflow. As a result, people end up finding it hard to have a sound sleep.

Get yourself the Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold mattress instead. It has a perfect ventilation system which increases the flow of air inside it. Your guests will find your bed cooler even during summer sleepovers.

Easy Installation

Got unexpected guests? Don’t worry, you’ll need a few minutes only to set the Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold mattress up. Just unfold the foam bed and place it anywhere you want.

You can place it on floors, tents, mobile homes, etc and you’ll still have a deep and comfortable sleep.

Highlighted Features

  • Its super soft and bouncy structure lets everyone have a sound sleep.
  • You can carry it anywhere you want with ease and convenience.
  • The ventilation process lets enough amount of airflow which prevents the bed from heating up. This allows you to have a deep sleep with no discomfort.
  • Setting the mattress is only a matter of a few minutes. Just unfold it and place it anywhere you want.

   4. Best Choice Products Portable 3in Twin Size Tri-Folding Memory Foam Gel Mattress

Best Choice Products Portable 3in Twin Size Tri-Folding Memory Foam Gel...
  • COMFORTABLE HIGH-DENSITY FOAM: Designed with ultra-comfortable gel-infused memory foam plus a removable, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning
  • CONVENIENT & VERSATILE: Can be used as a guest bed, a comfy camping bed, or as a floor sofa during movie nights and gatherings with friends and family
  • PORTABLE AND EASILY STORED: Tri-fold design with 2 handles lets you take it anywhere you may need and can be simply folded up and stowed when not in use

Comfort, compactness, versatility, and portability–Best Choice Products Presents A 3-Inch Twin Size Tri-Folding Gel Mattresses best known for all of these in one package.

Customers have been craving for the mattress, ever since it came in the marketplace. If your search for a portable bed mattress didn’t end, you can depend on this one for sure.


Got visitors? No worries, you got the best 3-inch twin size tri-folding mattress around.

Your guests will get to know how it feels to sleep on a marshmallow with the twin size tri-folding gel mattress. It offers the comfort zone everyone will like.

The mattress boasts a high-density foam which gives the body a soft, marshmallow-like feeling as you sleep on it.


Hitting the road with friends for camping is always fun. You’ll be needing a portable bed to sleep on at night, right? Why worry when you got the best mattress?

It’s very light in weight which allows you to carry it wherever you want to take it. The mattress comes with a tri-fold design with 2 handles that make it much easier for you to carry it around.


Need to sit on something comfortable while watching movies with friends? You can not only use the mattress as a bed mattress but also as a comfy camping bed or as a floor sofa during movie nights.

Easy Setup

Setting up this mattress is a piece of cake. Unbox it, unfold it and place it anywhere you want, and voila!

Highlighted Features

  • The high-density foam offers you the ultimate comfort zone.
  • The gel mattress is easy to carry because it’s lightweight and has two handles for easy carrying.
  • You can use the mattress as a camping bed or floor sofa.
  • Setting up the mattress is pretty easy. Just unfold it and place it anywhere you want.

 5. SoundAsleep Queen Size Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology &...
  • CUSTOMER FRIENDLY 1-YEAR WARRANTY comes standard on all SoundAsleep mattresses. Rest assured on your purchase of the highest quality air mattress money can buy. Call or email anytime for support. Our US based team is here to help!
  • INDUSTRY LEADING DESIGN exclusively using ComfortCoil Technology and a SureGrip bottom to ensure firmness and stability. No slipping and sliding! With 40 internal air coils for added durability and support your bed will remain flat and firm so you can stay SoundAsleep! Updated in 2019 with our official SoundAsleep logo!
  • PATENTED 1-CLICK INTERNAL PUMP ensures quick and easy inflation and deflation. Designed for in-home use, the Queen Size Dream Series mattress reaches full inflation in under 4 minutes and will stay inflated for days. If you prefer a firmer surface, use the pump for a quick top up!

SoundAsleep queen size air mattress is probably one of the best comfortable guest bed options. It’s durable, it’s comfortable and it boasts a premium look. The moment you’ll see the product, it will make you want to buy it.


If you judge this mattress by its look, you’ll know that it is packed with ultimate durability. It comes with exclusive ComfortCoil Technology and SureGrip bottom which ensures the firmness and stability of the product.

For added durability, it has 40 internal coils. Want to have a product that will give you its service in the long run? Get your hands on this SoundAsleep air mattress.

Quick Installation

Don’t get fooled by the size of this queen size air mattress. Despite its huge size, the mattress is pretty easy to install. It has got a patented 1-click internal pump. All you need to do is fill the mattress with air to set it up anywhere you want. The whole inflation takes just 4 minutes.

When you don’t need it, easily deflate it by releasing the pump. That being said, you should know that once you inflate the mattress, it can stay inflated for a good amount of days.

Waterproof Flocked Top

If somehow your mattress is exposed to water, it won’t be a problem. Water does nothing to this durable and amazing mattress. The extra thick waterproof flocked top is also resistant to puncture. Jump on it with your kids, and this mattress will withstand the pressure.

Furthermore, the Eco-friendly PVC feature makes the mattress more durable than any of its competitors.

Compactness and Portability

Worried about storing the mattress? Why will you be when this mattress can be deflated? After your guests are gone, you can simply release the air out and store the mattress in a small space.

If you want to travel with it, you can do so. Simply deflate the mattress, put it in a carrying bag and take it anywhere you want. 

Highlighted Features

  • ComfortCoil Technology and SureGrip bottom ensure the ultimate durability.
  • Installing the mattress is a piece of cake. Fill it up with air and that’s it, your mattress is prepared.
  • It comes with a waterproof flocked top which resists accidental punctures.
  • You can store it anywhere or take it anywhere simply by deflating the mattress.

  6. Cozzzi Trifold Foam Folding Mattress

Cozzzi Trifold Foam Twin Folding Mattress - 75" x 25" x 4" Lightweight and...
  • TRI FOLD MATTRESS: Our tri-fold mattress is a convenient & comfortable alternative to air mattresses. It folds and unfolds with little effort and is great for guests, travelling, camping & more.
  • THERAPEUTIC & COMFORTING: This mattress is made from high density foam which is known for its therapeutic benefits. It is super firm and extremely comfortable so you can enjoy a great night of sleep.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Take this mat with you on the go. It easily folds to fit into compact spaces for easy transport and is super lightweight making it easy to carry around, whether to travel or to the gym.

Cozzzi Trifold foam folding mattress is another new example of ultimate comfort. Loaded with durability, softness, compactness, and portability, the product boasts a premium design that will make you want to buy it at first sight.

Convenient and Comfort

Do you know how it feels to sleep on a cozy, soft bed? How will you know if you’ve spent all of your life sleeping on the thin mattresses with hard surfaces?

Get your hands on the Cozzzi Trifold mattress. This great mattress comes with high-density foam that is famous for its therapeutic benefits. Once you lie on it, the foam adapts the shape of your body.

Say goodbye to those days where you had to switch sides now and then just to relax your muscles. This folding mattress lets you put the full pressure of your body on it. It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, the mattress will gulp in half of your body in it.

Lightweight and Portable

Made a plan to travel anywhere? You’ll be needing a mattress with you to hit the sack at night. Don’t worry at all when you have Cozzzi Trifold mattress.

You’ll be able to carry the mattress all by yourself because it’s lightweight. Just simply fold it so that it can fit inside any compact space for easy transport. The mattress is the perfect combination of portability and compactness.


Love doing yoga? The Cozzzi Trifold mattress is not just a normal bed mattress. You can do your yoga on it on a daily basis. Moreover, it can be used as a floor mat, Pilates, exercise mat, and futon mattress.

If you have kids in your home, the Cozzzi Trifold mattress can serve as a great play area for children. It doesn’t matter if your kids jump on it, the mattress can take a beating.

Easy to Clean

The product has a durable zipper that can be washed using the washing machine. Take it off anytime you want and throw it inside the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Highlighted Features

  • The high-density foam gives you the perfect comfort zone so that you can have a sound sleep.
  • It’s lightweight and portable which makes it easy for you to carry it around.
  • You can use it as yoga matt, floor matt, exercise matt, and even your kids can play on it.
  • Its cover is very easy to clean and it’s washing machine friendly.

7. Zinus Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed Frame

Zinus Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed Frame with Comfort Foam Mattress
  • Mattress layers include: 0.5 inch fiber padding, 2.5 inches Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam
  • 14 inch high steel folding bed frame
  • Only the Highest Quality Foam – Foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for durability, performance, and content

Having a premium looking guest bed is a must so that everyone praises your taste. If your search for the best temporary bed for guests hasn’t ended, you can try this folding guest bed.  It has durability, amazing looks and above all the comforts you’ve always wanted.


If your friends are having a sleepover in your house, you would want them to sleep on something comfortable, right? It’s a matter of your reputation and you don’t want it to go down.

Get yourself a Zinus Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed. You’ll love it and your friends will love it. The 0.5 inch fiber padding gives you the ultimate softness. Its 2.5-inches of pressure-relieving foam will adjust with your body within minutes.


You may feel the need to travel with your bed sometimes. But you can’t just travel with your king-sized bed, can you?

This folding bed has a steel frame that has casters for easy transport. Just fold the steel frames when you need to carry the bed.

That being said, the bed is very lightweight. You can carry it all by yourself using your hands.

You can position the steel frames easily and uniquely anywhere you want. Simply unfold the frames and position them in a specific place. Don’t worry, the frames won’t slip.


If you’re spending money on something, make sure it’s durable. Cheap guest beds get their quality damaged within a few months. The bed doesn’t compromise quality at all.

It’s built with a high-quality steel structure and the foam of the mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US. If durability matters a lot to you, the bed can meet your demand.

Highlighted Features

  • The 0.5-inch top layer of fiber padding along with 2.5-inches of pressure-relieving foam offers the ultimate comfort zone.
  • It has a very sleek design which makes it look like a premium product.
  • It’s very light in weight and easy to carry.
  • It is built with high-quality steel and the foam is CertiPUR-US certified which ensures enhanced durability.

   8. Fox Air Inflatable Bed

Best Inflatable Bed by Fox Airbeds - Plush High Rise Air Mattress in King,...
  • NEVER WORRY ABOUT LEAKS - Every Fox airbed comes with a comprehensive 1 year warranty. If you ever find yourself feeling deflated for any reason, our US customer service team has your back
  • READY IN MINUTES - With the powerful built in pump your blow up bed will fully inflate with the flip of a switch for hassle-free hosting of family and friends
  • SLEEP WELL ANYWHERE - Your queen air bed comes with an additional pinch valve to inflate it with an external pump, allowing you to use it while camping or in a blackout during an emergency

Love air inflated beds? Presenting a brand which never compromises quality. Fox Air is one of the leading brands that are famous for its brand loyalty.

The Fox Air inflatable is easy to install, durable and you don’t have to worry about leaks at all.


People who love inflated beds have one thing in common: ‘worrying about leaks’. Inflated beds are very comfortable, but they can give you a hard time as there’s a huge chance of getting leaks anytime.

Get yourself the Fox Air inflatable bed packed with ultimate durability. It boasts a heavy-duty construction which reduces its chances of getting punctured. The bed is made with a thicker vinyl which makes it more durable than its competitors.

Easy to Install

So, your friends suddenly gave you a surprise visit and you haven’t fixed your bed? Get your hands on the Fox Air inflated bed. Installing this bed is just a piece of cake. Simply blow the bed up using the powerful built-in pump and the bed will be prepared in minutes. There’s no room for hassle while hosting a perfect get together with friends.


As your guests will sleep on the Fox Air inflated bed, they’ll know the meaning of true comfort. The inflated bed adapts the shape of the body very quickly, giving enough room to relax the muscles and body. It helps to sleep very comfortably with its soft and squishy structure filled with air.


I don’t think I have to say anything about its portability. When you feel the need of taking the Fox Air inflated bed anywhere, simply deflate it and take it with you. It’s so light that even a child can carry it with his bare hands.

Camping, emergencies, movie parties, you name it, the Fox Air inflated bed is a perfect match for everyone.

Highlighted Features

  • The product boasts a heavy-duty construction and made with thicker vinyl which ensures durability.
  • You can install the Fox Air inflated bed within minutes. All you need to do is inflate the bed using the built-in pump and your bed is ready.
  • The Fox Air inflated bed adapts your shape perfectly. Since it has a soft structure, it helps you have a sound sleep.
  • Take the product anywhere, anytime with you simply by carrying it. Deflate the Fox Air inflated bed and you can carry it with your bare hands.

   9. OlarHike Queen Air Mattress

OlarHike Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump for Guests, Inflatable...
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - The Queen Air Mattress comes with a 2-Year Return & Refund Warranty and Lifetime After Sales Services; If you feel there are any problems with quality, a free replacement will be provided, without you needing to return the original.
  • BUILT-IN PUMP FOR AUTOMATIC SETUP - Plug in the built-in pump to automatically inflate the air mattress from compressed to super firm, more quietly than other air mattresses; A clockwise turn inflates the air mattress and a counterclockwise turn easily deflates it.
  • HIGH QUALITY & WELL-MADE - Upgraded welding seams and thicker fabric layer ensure a completely airtight blow-up mattress that can remain inflated for 48 hours with no leaking; Stable and comfortable enough to support 2 adults easily due to the specific inner coil air beam construction.

OlarHike Queen Air Mattress is an amazing mattress that fits every occasion. You are getting several great features regarding accessibility, durability, and portability. It can also provide an ultimate solution for dorm students living in a budget frequently resort.

Easy Setup and Built-in Pump

The built-in pump will inflate and deflate the mattress completely in 4-5 minutes. A clockwise turn easily inflates and deflates it. You can adjust the firmness by customizing the softness and hardness of the bed as you need.


This air mattress will provide you security from any unwanted sliding or moving even on a slippery surface. Extra thick PVC underside will prevent your mattress from any unwanted sliding.

It is designed for any occasional use as you can quickly and easily inflate and deflate it. It’s always ready for camping or serving guests.

Heavy Construction

This queen air mattress is an airtight blow-up mattress that will support the weight of 2 adults with no leaking. It comes with a strong inner coil air beam that helps the product to withstand the weight of 2 adults very easily.

Once you inflate the mattress, it will back you up for 48 hours with no leaking at all.

Portable and Easy Storage

A carrying bag with drawstring makes the mattress easier to shift and store. Just fold and roll it and go for traveling or camping.

Highlighted Features

  • Setting up the mattress is pretty easy. Use the built-in pump to inflate it and your bed is prepared.
  • The extra-thick PVC underside prevents your mattress from any unwanted sliding.
  • It can withstand the pressure of 2 adults very easily and stays inflated for 48 hours after each pump-in.
  • The product comes with great portability. Just deflate it, fold it and roll it and you’re good to go.

  10. Intex Raised Downy Airbed

Intex Raised Downy Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump, Queen, Bed Height...
  • Inflatable Queen airbed for home use. The sense of loss of pressure is a result of the bed stretching but does not indicate it is defective. Needs to re-inflate the bed again until it fully settles, which usually takes 2-3 nights
  • High-powered, built-in electric pump for hassle-free inflation and deflation, inflates mattress in just under 5 minutes to the desired firmness
  • Raised 22 inches from floor with waterproof flocked top with vinyl beams and sturdy construction

You must want to invest your money on something that will remain with you for years. If you are looking for an air mattress that is easily affordable, yet durable and holds a premium design, Intex raised downy airbed with a built-in electric pump is an excellent choice for you.

Comfort and Convenience

Once you use this airbed, you’ll say to yourself, ‘Why didn’t I use this bed before?’ It has been designed for ultimate comfort and extra firmness with its dual chamber construction.

The lower part of the chamber with spring provides a super bouncy comfort to the upper part. It’s great for those who love to sleep on a raised platform as its topside is 22-inch high above the floor.


The bed is pretty easy to carry. You can easily inflate and deflate the product using a high-powered built-in electric pump. The product boasts a stylish carrying bag which will make your transportation easier.

Size and Design

The bed offers an attractive and easy fit queen size bed of 60 X 80 inches. It arranges great qualities and comfortable features for sleepers. The plush, waterproof flocking that covers the top of the mattress, lets you and your guests experience a luxurious feeling while having a cozy sleep.


The durability of this mattress depends on how its inflation and deflation is carried out.

As it has its own built-in air pump, it’s easy to maintain. For extra security, this mattress is constructed with 15 gauge vinyl beams on its top flock and 16 gauge vinyl beams on its sides.

Highlighted Features

  • The dual-chamber construction gives you extra firmness and comfort.
  • It’s pretty easy to carry as it comes with a stylish carrying bag.
  • It’s plush, waterproof flocking on the top of the mattress gives a luxurious feel.
  • The construction of 15 gauge vinyl beams on its top flock and 16 gauge vinyl beams on the sides ensure the durability of the product.

Things to Consider Before Buying

When choosing the perfect portable guest bed, you’ll need to consider some factors. Otherwise, you might end up buying the wrong product.


Choosing the right size is the first thing you need to consider before buying a portable bed. Portable folding beds come in lots of sizes and shapes. Yes, they’re compact but then again, it’s you who knows which one will fit your room.

You’ll find the twin and queen size beds available in the market. If you want your friends to enjoy temporary quality time with you, like watching movies together or just hanging together, getting a queen-sized bed will help you a lot.


Durability is one of the most important factors in every product. Of course, you don’t want to buy a guest bed which will last for a few months.

An amazing way to give durability a check is to see what material your bed is made of. You’ll find the steel beds more durable than aluminum beds.

There’s another trick to know if the product is durable. Check the warranty offer the product comes with.

The most durable ones come with the longest warranty offers. If a guest bed has a 10-year warranty, you can expect it to be durable for at least 10 years. Otherwise, the manufacturers wouldn’t give such an offer.

Mattress Material

You’ll find mattresses of different materials in the marketplace. There are memory foam beds, fiber padding beds. Also, you’ll find foam and hammock-style beds.

If your expecting adult guests on a regular basis, getting a folding bed that is made with memory foam is a very wise decision. For children, I’ll recommend getting a hammock-style folding bed.

What’s Now?

What will you do by saving your money all the time? Money is meant for spending, but you have to make sure you spend it on the right product.

Having a portable guest bed is a great thing. You’ll never regret buying one as they’re always handy unless you got the wrong one.

If you’ve gone through the reviews, you should be able to find the best portable guest bed for yourself. Do more research if you want and get yourself the perfect guest bed.

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