Best Memory Foam Mattress in a Box (2020)

The best memory foam mattress makes perfection in your bed. A mattress is not only a matter of relaxation or an element to lay down. It is completely related to your health, comfort, and a good night’s sleep as well.

Life goes ahead smoothly with quality products. A regular mattress is good for spending time somehow where a good quality memory foam mattress makes your relaxation enjoyable and makes your sleep super comfortable. There are billions of springs that reduce your pressure points significantly with proper body weight distribution.

You will get a variety of mattresses in the market with different features, price, and size. They make confusion and finding a good one will more difficult. Here we make a collection of best mattresses in a single review.

Top 7 Collection of Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

Best Memory Foam Mattress in a Box Reviews

It is always tricky to buy products online. You have no other option without regretting if you fail to make a correct pick. So, we here select the top memory foam mattress in a box that will help to pick your preferred one and it will regard as one of the best decisions of your life.

 1. Zinus Green Tea 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress in a box

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

If you want to get sleep-enhancing qualities of natural ingredients, it is the best option for you. This manufacturer is committed to using its more than one-decade experiences to reach their best memory foam for natural refreshment to you.

You can enjoy the rejuvenating rest with green tea memory foam. This bedding comes with the right combination of refreshment and comfort. Pains and aches free waking up facility become possible with its perfect pressure relieving features. Active charcoal infused in one of the layers that are responsible for the necessary support of your body weight.

Different layers take their responsibility to provide you the best feelings that you demand. The upper 3-inch layer creates a soft environment where the next 2 inches layer controls the airflow. Base support foam comes with a high-density 7-inch layer.

This bio-foam bedding features medium feel firmness. You will neither feel the hardness nor so soft. So, you won’t wake up with a painful body. Poly Jacquard cover takes the responsibility to increase your enjoyment. CertiPUR US Certification also authenticates this product.

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  • Thicker mattress with efficient multiple layers
  • Green Tea ensures your sweet refreshing dream
  • Poly Jacquard cover makes the surface enjoyable
  • Ideal bedding for the side sleepers
  • Features highest quality foam is CertiPUR US certification
  • Durability is needed to be increased

 2. Ashley Memory Foam Mattress – Bed in a Box

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - 12 Inch Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress - Bed in a Box - Queen - Firm...

Sleep lovers will certainly like this mattress model. Interruption free deep sleep is only possible with its thicker body contouring features.

Chime express memory foam is effective for sleep lovers. The manufacturers enrich their model with appropriate firm support that provides pressure relief facilities. It reduces the motion transfer and makes your sleep deeper with support foam core.

Maintenance is always a headache when dust makes it older than the actual age. Besides, pollen, mold, and pet dander spread germs, and the kid, adults suffer from breathing problems. Hypoallergenic material will take care of you from all of these uncertain conditions.

Unlike other thicker mattresses, it is a thin one. The layers come with adequate construction for the proper airflow and heat dissipation. The transition foam layer provides additional comfort when it also improves durability as well.

If you are suffering from back pain, its time to say goodbye. 8-inch base core layer conforms apt spinal alignment for back and neck. Stretch knit cover also improves your breathability. You can sleep in with perfect temperature, humidity, air pressure, and ventilation as well.

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  • Thicker mattress with thinner feature
  • Eradicate allergies with hypoallergenic feature
  • Improves breathability with a knit cover
  • Ultra-plush feeling in deep sleep
  • Personalized comfort is happened by charcoal-infused memory foam
  • Inner construction and materials can be broken with children’s jumping

 3. Vibe 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress | Bed in a Box

Vibe 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress | Bed in a Box, [Mattress Only], Queen

Vibe 12-inch gel memory foam mattresses are Comfortable, luxurious, fitting and it uses the latest technology. It 2-inch gel-infused memory foam and three-inch gel-infused combines that remove heat from your body during sleep to make nighttime sleep more flexible.

The high-density 7-inch compatible base foam gives ambient support and helpful relief that support keep your sleeping position and body shape just right. Best quality memory foam adjusts to your body and controls its cooling gel temperature. It is also hypoallergenic and protects to allergens, molds, germs, and dust mites, and CertiPUR approved for work efficiency, durability, and quality.

For your convenience, the mattresses are compressed, rolled, and shipped inboxes. Vibe also uses advanced and smart packaging technology for which the mattresses can be boxed in rolled condition and frame/foundation/base is not included for easy access through your door for ease of setup.

It comes in several sizes; you can choose the size according to the size of your bed sus as Twin Size – which wide 39″ length 75″ height 12” & Queen Size –which wide 60″ length 80″ height 12” also King Size – which wide 76″ length 80″ height 12”.

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  • The first night I could sleep on it
  • CertiPUR Certified
  • Uses Gel Memory Foam
  • Sleeping time temperatures cool
  • Pressure Relief comfortable
  • It is hard to sit down for a long time if you sink into it.

 4. ZinusUltima 12″ Comfort Memory Foam Mattress | Bed in a Box

Zinus Ultima 12' Comfort Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

This mattress usages cutting-edge technology to incorporate Bio-Foam, which usages ordinary plant oil as an alternative of petroleum-based ingredients to give you an energetic mattress. The mattress consists of a heavy-duty structure & high-quality production, which will protect smash.

It is inspired by natural elements such as green tea or wood charcoal which is full of properties for a moisture-absorbing mattress, which is fresh and odorless fragrance over time. Filled with lots of innovative technology, the company retains a comfort zone for longevity and portability.

The Ultima Memory Foam Mattress is just that – the comfort of the cover that fits your outline like a glove to keep you asleep. Made with a different mixture of high-quality foam sheets, 3-inch memory foam, and 3-inch airflow-enhanced supportive foam, including 6-inch high-density, strong base foam support.

It is more comfortable and ideal for belly sleepers and is approved by Certi-Pur US for the highest quality foam certificate, performance, and content efficiency. Smart Delivered-Our proprietary technology enables our mattresses to be easily packed, rolled, and delivered to your doorstep in a package. If you want a robust mattress, then this one would be your best option.

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  • High-quality, inexpensive memory foam mattress.
  • Infused with natural green tea extract and activated charcoal
  • Certified by Certi-Pur US
  • Features Bio-Foam that uses natural plant oil
  • It’s can appear to shrink over time and may not have adequate

 5. Avenco 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

King Mattress, Avenco 10 Inch King Memory Foam Mattress in a Box, King Bed Mattress with CertiPUR-US Foam for...

The Avenco 10 Inch King Mattress combines open cells with gel-infused foam and is ventilated to chance your requirements. It uses gel foam for which the mattress naturally adjusts your body temperature and reduces body sweating to help you sleep restfully, whether it is hot or cold weather.

This mattress has two wave-shaped airflow layers that provide excellent ventilation when dispersing body weight. Its high-density base foam, which helps to control and adjust your pressure points. Very comfortable and flexible for back pain, side slippers, and stomach slippers.

They base it on the CertiPUR -US Approval which has been granted for a safe and healthy asleep situation. Being a luxurious two-tier, it creates a comfortable surface for sleeping at night that provides a breathable, skin-friendly, and comfortable sleep. It is further divided into four parts which 1.18-inch gel memory foam, 1.82-inch luxury foam, 3.5-inch airflow high-density foam, and 3.5-inch airflow high-density foundation protect the foam.

The Luxury King-Size Mattress fabric cover completed by warp-knitting. It’s compressed and packed in a box of top quality for ease of delivery and setup and sent to your doorstep. We have a minimum of one hundred-night trial with long ten years of practical experience.

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  • CertiPUR certified memory foam
  • High-density base
  • Medium plush feeling
  • Wonderful, breathable and skin covering
  • Exceptional relief of pressure and isolation
  • A little tough to handle

 6. Linenspa 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress in a box

Linenspa 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress - Ultra Plush - Individually Encased Coils - Sleeps Cooler Than...

If you are planning to decorate your newlywed master suite and the guest room with a high profile mattress, it will be the best choice for you. 12 inch gel memory foam makes the comfort that you dream about.

Unlike other traditional mattresses, it is manufactured with a hybrid mattress. The inner mattress provides edge support where memory foam ensures the appropriate comfort and conformation. Ample support makes it better than the regular one surely.

Insanely comfort is the result of the fruitful effort of multiple layers. Gel-infused memory foam and comfort foam layers control the airflow to transmit the body temperature. Individually encased coils and support foam edge layers accept your body weight and release the pressure.

The suited cover is another important surface layer. It provides intense comfort reducing body heat. It is a cooler memory foam model where the regular one runs hot early. Additionally, gel-infused memory foam dissipates high temperatures.

It is featured with an easy and quick set up facility. Again the shipping is also available in compressed and rolled ways.

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  • The hybrid mattress provides additional features
  • Modern design with efficient multiple layers
  • Gel memory foam keeps your always cool
  • The quilted cover ensures a comfortable surface
  • Provides maximum comfort separated wrapped coils
  • Has smell issues for the first few days

 7. Olee Sleep 13 inch Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress in a box

Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress (Queen)

Looking for something different and something special, you can try this one. It is made to satisfy your need. It is an effective one who wants to improve their sleeping condition and thinks about their sleeping conditions.

Its five-layer composition makes it an ideal foam mattress. The layers not only makes the temperature cooler but also it reduces the motion of your body. Its equal weight distribution feature helps to acquire quick comfort.

Tempered steel independently-encased coils construction gives you proper support of your body. It bounces back smoothly the pressure you create on it.  Again you can curve your body properly and you can sleep with your favorite position. The base layer is always ready to adapt to your body structure.

The surface is covered with soft fabric. From the top, it ensures the free airflow and retains a cooler temperature. It does not make your mattress dirty and thus it improves the longevity of your dream and sleep.

Multi HD and memory foam layers increase durability and it provides you the opportunity to use it frequently.

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  • Fiber quilted cover improves the quality and longevity
  • Heavy steel coil makes a firm support
  • Gel-infused memory foam makes it soft and cool
  • Quicky adapts with your body shape and position
  • Thicker mattress with proper airflow
  • Is not lightweight


Buyer’s Guide for Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

If you will buy a foam mattress in a box for the first time or you are an old user, you need to focus on some points. But you do not know. Do not worry, we will explain to you all one by one.

Letus recommend you more of that quality so that you can buy a mattress where you can sleep comfortably for many years.

Easiest Trial Period & Return ProcessFacility

Normally, the trial period is 100 nights but some companies offer 365 night’s sleep. if you do not like or comfort within this time, you can change it. Just you call the company and they will send someone to pick up the mattress. the company will replace or refund fully. So you should check the trial and return policy before purchase.

Different Structure of Memory Foam Mattress

Every mattress has different types of layers and ingredients- some memory foam, latex, gel for better airflow, pillow topstitched, and nontoxic components. For this reason, everyone has a different capability with garb different sleeping conditions. Before you start searching for a memory foam mattress online or market, you have to know that what do you want and what is perfect for you?

Density Impacts on Comfort

There are many types of foam densities on the market. The thicker is the density level. 5lb is perfect but it depends on the total weight of form confined in 1 cubic foot space. If you find lighter, you will get in the market because some of the sellers make it like 3lb of density.

Firm or Soft Varies to Person                      

If you have good knowledge about the firmness’s level and know your need,  you try in the trail area. You lie down on it to check properly the mattress is soft or firm. When looking for a mattress in a box, remember that the firmness is different for a different person. If a mattress is soft for you, it can be firm for your partner and vice versa.

Compare Brands for the Quality Mattress

There are lots of bands in the market and every brand has its design, the combination of materials, and exclusive mattress feel. Before comparing you have to know about preferences and price range. Do not forget to check customer reviews and mattress options.

Cooling Mattress for Your Ultimate comfort

You can not but select the bedding that provides you night long cooling mattress. Regular mattress runs hot with time as it can’t regulate your body temperature. Best Memory Foam Mattress not only make the mattress surface soft and comfortable but it also controls the temperature with sufficient airflow. It always keeps you cool throughout the night.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the weight limit of these mattresses?

All of these mattresses are built with enough body support materials. You can be the ease with 350 to 800 pounds of weight.

  1. Do I require a box spring for these mattresses?

You don’t need a box spring if there is already a platform bed. Otherwise, you need it.

  1. How long they take time to expand?

It takes only 24 to 72 hours for better expansion. You are also requested not to sleep before 24 hours.

  1. What is the perfect thickness for a firmer mattress?

It depends on your weight. If you are an average weight person then 12 inches thickness will be perfect for you.

  1. Are these mattresses useful for heavy people?

All these mattresses are made with a high-density base support layer. So, heavy people get almost safe facilities as others do.


Final Thoughts

The Best Memory Foam Mattress in a Box is a collection of the best product which are decorative for your room, healthy for your living, comfortable for your sleeping. It is always difficult to find out some of the best from so many best. But we have made it successfully and effectively. It will help you to get the mattress that you are looking for.

It is always better to find out your needs and picks according to the needs. You are always recommended to go through the whole review to get the clean idea and only then you can easily match up your needs with our best picks.

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