Top 8 Best Mattress Bags for Moving and Storage

Mattress bags are the protection for your mattress when they are not in use. If you are on vacation or not at home or if you are storing an additional mattress in your storeroom, a mattress bag is an ideal choice. A simple or a regular may not suffice when you want to protect your mattress.

The best mattress storage bag not only protects from the external environment but also keeps the bed bugs at bay. They are available in different shapes and sizes, and you can purchase one according to your needs. While most of them are made of plastic, few mattress covers are made of recyclable materials.

Check Out Our Top 8 Picks of Bed Bags for Moving and Storage

Best Mattress Cover / Bags for Moving and Storage Reviews

Let us look through some of the best mattress bags for moving and storage, which might suit your requirements.


 1. Crensel Mattress Bag for Moving & Long-term Storage – Twin Size

The top product on our list comes from Crensel. They are one of the few manufacturers who produce 2x times thicker plastic mattress bag. The bag is so tough that even if you drag the pack loaded with mattress, it will not tear. It is an excellent mattress bag for moving.

This Crensel mattress bag is a beautiful product for moving as well as storage. Its thick plastic prevents the bugs from damaging your bed. If your bed has any stains, the shaded cover will mask them so that if your guests see it, they won’t notice those stains.

This bag is ideal for long term storage. Just seal the bag with tape, and it will do its job. You can use this bag for storing a variety of mattresses such as a California king, twin daybed mattress, etc.

It is an oversized bag, and you can store the pillows along with the mattress. The only flaw we could find out is the plastic. Since the majority of the people around the globe are banning plastic, this one feature is a significant downfall.

But if you manage to dispose of plastic responsibly, then this bag is an excellent choice for you.


  • 2X thicker plastic
  • Shaded cover which prevents the visibility of the stains
  • No vents which keep bed bugs away
  • Huge twin size (39 X 14 X 100 inches)
  • Can accommodate pillows as well
  • Plastic material is not environment-friendly


 2. Nordic Elk Mattress Bag with 8 Handles for Moving and Storage

If you are looking for unique and a mattress storage bag with zipper, you should consider Nordic Elk. It is made for eliminating many daunting procedures of storing or moving the mattress.

This Nordic Elk is a unique storage bag that is designed for multiple uses. It is made of trap materials (non-plastic), which makes it environment-friendly, unlike the plastic counterparts.

Some of the best features of this bag are the handles and the zippers. It is easy to seal the bag with the zippers, and the handles allow you to carry it without any hurdles. You can even drag the pack with its sturdy handles. These two features eliminate the tiresome process of sealing and carrying the bag.

It is the best mattress cover for moving. You can also use it for long-term storage purposes. The zippers can fail after some time. Rusting of the zippers can be seen if there is moisture in the air or due to any accidental water contamination. Make sure you take extra care so that zippers do not malfunction.


  • Mattress storage bag with zippers
  • Mattress moving bag with handles
  • Eight handles that help in carrying the bag
  • Made of non-plastic and thick trap materials
  • Highly durable and can be used multiple times
  • Available in different sizes
  • Best mattress storage bag for moving
  • The zippers of the bag can malfunction at times
  • Handles can break under heavy load

 3. HOMEIDEAS 4 Mil Super Thick Mattress Bags

The first product on our list that is made of recyclable materials is the Homeideas 4 Mil super thick mattress bags. It is made of durable and tear-resistant material which can be used for both storage and moving.

Homeideas 4 Mil is an excellent twin mattress storage bag made recyclable polythene. The bag comes in an enclosed form with top and bottom open ends. All you need to do is slide the mattress into the bag and seal the ends.

The material is waterproof, dustproof, and repels the bugs. It has dimensions of 54 X 14 X 91 inches making it an ideal cover for king and queen-sized mattresses. Note that it can fit either mattress or box spring, but not both of them.

Although the material is sturdy, it can tear if you use it under intense load or drag. The material used in making this bag resembles plastic, but it is recyclable. We consider this a significant perk.


  • Sturdy polyethylene material which can be recycled
  • Protects from moisture, dust, and bugs
  • Can be used for any twin mattress
  • Waterproof material
  • Not so bulky like other plastic covers
  • Even though the material is durable, it can tear at times if mishandled

 4. Moving host Mattress Bags for Moving Queen -Mattress Storage Bag – 5 Mil Heavy-Duty

As the name indicates, this is a queen mattress storage bag. It is 5-mil extra-thick and heavy-duty cover ideal for moving and long term storing. Since the material is entirely plastic, it has excellent water resistance.

The name of the manufacturer ‘Movinghost’ sounds ironic if you are looking for a mattress bag while you are moving. Yes, it is ideal for giving protection to your mattress while moving. As it is made of 5-mil thick plastic, it is so tough that it won’t tear apart even if you drag it on the floor.

Although its dimensions (60 X 14 X 104 inches) are ideal to fit in a queen size mattress, there is extra room for more. Note that Movinghost provides mattress bags of different sizes too. Make sure to select a suitable one according to the dimensions of your bed.

You can also use this bag for long-term storage of your mattress. It is a transparent cover, which means that you can see the mattress inside. As stated earlier, being a plastic bag makes it waterproof and stain-proof.

Bugs cannot make their way into the mattress when it is protected with the Movinghost mattress bag. But, the plastic material cannot be disposed of easily as it is not environment-friendly.


  • 5-mil thickness makes it highly durable
  • Suitable for queen size mattress
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Excellent for moving
  • Keeps bugs at bay
  • The plastic material is not environment-friendly, and you have to be cautious in disposing of the bag after its use


 5. HOMEIDEAS 6 Mil Super Thick Sealable Mattress Bag

Another product from HOMEIDEAS is a 6 – mil thick king size mattress bag. It is a heavy duty mattress storage bag which is ideal for moving and storing for more extended periods. This mattress bag has a 3D shape design, which makes it suitable for holding after you load it.

If you are looking for a mattress storage bag that can be used immediately for moving or storing, this one is for you. It has three adhesive strips that make it very convenient for storage. Just load the bag with the mattress and seal it off. You don’t need to rely on the tedious process of using additional tapes.

It is made of polyethylene, which can be recycled. After multiple uses, if you feel that you need to dispose of this cover, you can do it without much trouble. But some users reported that this bag tears off when pulled after loading it with a mattress.

The dimensions of the cover are 78 X 18 X 104 inches, which means it is enormous. You can add pillows to the bag along with the mattress. It is an ideal multipurpose bag suitable for moving and storage. The bag is also water and stain-resistant.


  • Six-mil highly durable mattress storage bag
  • Made of recyclable materials
  • Dual adhesive tapes
  • An excellent companion for moving
  • Can be used multiple times
  • The polyethylene material of this bag is durable but can tear if you pull it after loading with a big king size mattress


 6. Warp Brothers CB-70 Banana Bags

Warp Brothers CB-70 Banana Bags Mattress Bag for Queen or Full, 70-Inch by 92-Inch
745 Reviews
Warp Brothers CB-70 Banana Bags Mattress Bag for Queen or Full, 70-Inch by 92-Inch
  • Mattress bag
  • Heavy-weight
  • Yellow tinted see through 2 mil plastic is tough and durable

Another queen mattress storage bag on our list is the Warp Brother CB-70 banana bags. It is an ideal bag for storage purposes and is made of heavy-duty plastic.

The Warp Brother storage bags are ideal for storing them in more extended periods. You need to select a suitably sized bag for the mattress. There is no adhesive tape for this cover, and you have to do it with duct tape or scotch tape.

Since it is 2-mil thick, it can tear off if you pull it under load. It is recommended not to use it for moving purposes. Apart from that, it offers excellent protection from bugs and also prevents water and dust contamination. You can also use it multiple times if you don’t stress it with heavy loads and drags.

The mattress bag has a yellow tint and is entirely made in the USA. Similar to other plastic bags, this one is no exception for not being environmentally friendly. Make sure you dispose of it responsibly.


  • Durable plastic material
  • Available in different sizes
  • Excellent for storage
  • Keeps bugs, spiders, and moths away
  • Water and dust resistant
  • The bags are just two-mil thick meaning it can tear off easily when dragged under load


 7. Linenspa Heavy Duty Mattress Storage Bags

A multipurpose mattress bag from Linenspa offers outstanding functionality and durability. It is ideal for the mattress and even a spring box. The material is sturdy and robust, which offers exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

This is an excellent heavy-duty mattress storage bag for those who continuously move or travel for a prolonged period. It is water and dust resistant. You can keep mice, bugs, and other arachnids out of reach.

There’s an option to customize the bag size to match the mattress. Even though the material is sturdy enough to support the weight of the mattress, it can tear under stress.

This mattress bag can be used as a universal fit with which you can store regular and oversized mattresses. It can comfortably accommodate a king-size mattress or even California king.

Another best feature is that the package includes two mattress bags. You can use them for your twin mattress or additional storage purposes. Since it is made of plastic, make sure you dispose of it responsibly.


  • Durable material, heavy wear, and tear resistance
  • Can be used for mattresses as well as spring box
  • Reusability
  • Twinset
  • Water and dust resistance
  • Customizable
  • Can tear off when used under heavy load


 8. MALOUF Seal TITE Heavy Duty Sealable Bag

The final product on our list is the Malouf Seal Tite mattress bag. It is made of recyclable materials and yet is strong enough to sustain abuse. You can use this mattress cover for a regular or even an oversized mattress.

Malouf offers one of the most beautiful qualities of mattress bags available out there in the market. It is made of eco-friendly polyethylene. You can dispose of any bug-infested mattress enclosed in this bag without any issues.

This mattress bag can be used to store a regular or an oversized mattress as they provide generous dimensions for each type of mattress. You can even store a pillow along with the mattress.

It is water and dust resistant. The double-adhesive tapes prevent air from entering the bag, making it one of the perfect mattress vacuum storage bags. It also repels the bugs and other moths.

The polyethylene material is hard but may fall apart if handled roughly. Make sure you don’t add too much weight.


  • Durable and heavy-duty material
  • Ideal for storage
  • Made of recyclable material
  • Double adhesive tapes for quick storage
  • Comes in variable sizes
  • The polyethylene is not as hard enough as they claim to be

Features to Consider before Buying

There are a plethora of options when you search for mattress bags for moving and storage. It is evident for a user to get confused in selecting a suitable product. But if you stick to the basics and understand how these bags offer protection, it is easy to choose the best one.

  • Material

Several manufacturers use excellent quality of materials in their products. Some of them are made of plastic, while some of them are made of polyethylene. While plastic has superior durability and wear resistance, it is not eco-friendly. If you think about nature, consider using a mattress bag made of recyclable materials.

  • Size

Most of the bags are oversized, and you can fit in your mattress with ease. Few of them are big enough to accommodate pillows along with the mattress. If you are uncertain about the size of the bag, certain companies, such as Linenspa has the option of customization.

  • Logistics

Mattress bags aren’t just meant for covering the bed or protecting it. They must also offer proper reliability when you move. There are some bags which are just covers. You need to seal them with tape, and it can be challenging to carry.

Few other bags come in a 3D print (Homeideas) or with handles (Nordic Elk), which makes it easy to carry. Some others have adhesive strips, which eliminates the use of additional tape for you to seal the cover.

Choose the one that suits your demands. If you are a frequent traveler and like to protect the mattress during your routine travel, use a mattress bag that has adhesive tapes and is easy to carry.

  • Price

The mattress bags will not cost you more than 20 bucks. So, we guess the price is not the deciding factor. But if you consider the features that they offer, even a single cent must be worth it. As you can use them multiple times, it is advised to go a little over the budget so that you will get a decent product.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of material is hard and durable?

Plastic made mattress bags are harder than other materials such as polyethylene.

  1. Is the bag itself resistant to bug infestation?

Most of these bags act as physical barriers between bugs and the mattress. If you put some repellents such as moth crystals inside the bag, it aids in additional protection. Note that there are very few products that repel the bugs by themselves.

  1. Can we customize the size of the bag?

Since most of these bags are oversized, it is infrequent that you need customization. But there are few companies which give the option to customize.

  1. Are non-plastic materials less durable?

Certainly not. They are hard enough to sustain moderate abuse. But they aren’t comparatively hard enough than plastic, but still, they are a great choice and are eco-friendly too.

  1. Can we use mattress bags for long-term storage purposes?

Of course, you can. They are designed to protect your mattress for very long periods.



The best mattress for moving and storage has all the ideal features that you encounter depending on the situation. It must be hard enough to resist wear and tear, must be easy to carry, and store as well as provide protection from water, dust, and bugs.

You can select an ideal one that meets your requirements from our list. Make sure you choose the correct size.

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