7 Best Box Spring Cover Reviews of 2021

Each component of your bedroom has a specific purpose, each working for the other’s betterment. As we know, box springs work to improve your mattress’s longevity; so, they also require special protection.

They house all kinds of dust and bugs that will harm your comfort. Therefore, we bring you some of the best box spring covers to change your whole living situation for the best.

Best box spring cover

You should always consider the best for you and your comfort; that comes first to living a full and healthy life. Therefore, prioritizing the best products is essential.

7 Best Box Spring Cover Reviews

The number of box spring covers out in the market is more than you think; it takes a lot of consideration to know which one will be perfect for you, so we’re here to make it easier:

 1.     ALYVIA SPRING Box Spring Cover

Box Spring Cover Queen Size - Jersey Knit & Stretchy Wrap Around 4 Sides Bed Skirt for Hotel & Home - Queen/Cal...

Among many box spring covers, this is one of the most well-known for its traditional design and functionality that will minimize all the wrong sides of the box spring and ensure better comfort.

This box spring cover is widely used for a private household to high-class hotels for its efficiency and minimum maintenance requirements.

It comes in several colors that you can choose from to customize your box spring further to fit in with your mattress and your room’s setting; therefore, it gives you an aesthetic advantage.

There are several noteworthy features to this cover, but the best among them would be its stretchability; this allows you to install the product around your bed with an easy wrap-around system.

As the product is made from high-quality spandex material, this allows it to be quite durable and have a high stretch rate. All these features combined give you flexibility in the case of usage.

Therefore, you will experience a hassle-free box spring cover that will work correctly with any mattress size and adapt completely with any extra strain on the bed, making it more efficient than any other cover.

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  • Easy wrap-around design
  • Prevents stains from spills
  • High-quality spandex construction
  • High-stretchability rate
  • Very low maintenance is required
  • No adjustment buttons are present
  • Sizing is not perfect



 2.     N&Y HOME Box Spring Cover

N&Y HOME Box Spring Cover - Sleek Alternative for Bed Skirts, Elastic Wrap Around - Queen, Taupe

Another fantastic addition comes from N&Y; this box spring takes the flexible design to the next level through its highly functional design, which gives you a full taste of what technological advancement looks like in a bedding situation.

This product is constructed with some of the best materials that ensure high durability and stretchable characteristics. These features allow you to have more flexibility when installing.

The integrity of the material is obtained through a mix of stretchy fabric and spandex. It contains about 95% polyester and 5% spandex, allowing it to have a high stretch rate.

Moreover, these features allow the cover to be wrinkle-free and durable; therefore, no matter how much you stretch, it will not lose its stretchability or lose the tightness it requires to stay in place.

This product is the best alternative to bed skirts, a much more subtle choice for people who preferred subtlety. It has all the functionality a typical bed skirt possesses but in some cases it does better.

Additionally, its modern and sleek design, fits right in with every high-quality mattress, along with the low profiled ones.

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  • Durable build that prevents rips and stains
  • Wrinkle-free material
  • Prevents dust accumulation
  • Comprehensively covers the corners of the bed
  • Easy to wash
  • Hard to install
  • Elasticity is not enough



 3.     Barossa Design StretchWrap Box Spring Cover

Barossa Design StretchWrap Box Spring Cover - 4 Way Stretch Jersey Knit Bed Skirt, Wrap Around, Wrinkle Free &...

This item is one of the softest among this list, made from materials that give it all the right characteristics to enhance comfort in every possible way.

Which makes it the perfect low-profile box spring cover in the market that will give you maximum functionality. Moreover, this cover works with mattresses of all sizes.

This item has a variety of depth options that will allow you to choose from any one of them. Moreover, the highly flexible four corners, made from stretch fabric, make it precise.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to handpick the one that will fit your box spring mattress perfectly and allow you to have a better user experience. So, you can choose a box spring cover twin/ queen/ king, whichever fits your preference.

The cover’s elastic is strong enough to handle a lot of stress; this gives you a boost in handling it with more flexibility. So, you can pull it off without worrying about ripping it.

Additionally, this item is washing machine compatible; therefore, you can wash it anytime you want without worrying about fade or wrinkles. Consequently, you can always keep it fresh and clean.

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  • Washing machine compatible
  • Stay-fit technology for the corners
  • Microfiber build
  • Several color-options
  • Compatible with both low-profile and high-profile mattresses
  • Holes develop in the corners
  • Thin material



 4.     SPRING SPIRIT Box Spring Cover

Box Spring Cover Queen Size, Alternates for Bed Skirt, Smooth and Elastic Woven Material Wrap Around 4 Sides of The...

This product is made from some of the best materials in the market that allow it to maintain your bed much more efficiently, creating a much more comfortable bedding situation for you.

As the item is made from 100% polyester, that establishes the durable, stretchy feel to the product’s fabric. Moreover, it has a height of 5 inches to 9 inches, which fits in with your box spring perfectly.

Along with all that efficient functionality, the aesthetic design allows you to boost your room’s feel. As the product comes in several variations, you select whichever fits you right.

The item fits right in with the mattress structure that allows it to hold its shape and will not sag down no matter how much stress is applied.

One of the box spring cover’s critical features is the prevention of dust accumulations and bed bugs; for that, this bed bug box spring cover is undoubtedly one of the best.

This product will prevent any allergen from accumulating in your box spring and affecting you in any possible way. Therefore, you can be much more comfortable for a more extended period.

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  • 100% elastic fiber construction
  • There’s no visible sagging
  • Extra adjustable strap to ensure better placement
  • Safe and proper packaging
  • Modern design
  • Sizes are not accurate
  • Lacks quality in the material


 5.     Barossa Design Box Spring Cover

Barossa Design Box Spring Cover King Size - Wrap Around Elastic Bed Skirt, Easy on/Easy Off, Wrinkle Resistant,...

Another fantastic addition from Barossa, this product is perfect for the people who prefer darker colored elegant box spring covers that will fit right in with their rooms’ setting.

This item is perfect for a king-sized mattress; its elastic characteristics will cover the bed entirely and stay in place for an extended amount of time.

The stretchy features are obtained by a mixture of 92% polyester and 8% spandex; therefore, it can handle high stretch while maintaining the product’s full structural form.

Moreover, this box spring will completely cover every corner of the mattress and hold on to it without slipping off even if there’s something heavy on the bed.

Along with these features to enhance comfort, it will also offer excellent protection from allergens that might trigger allergies and other physical issues that cause discomfort.

The product also comes with two elastic pieces that will allow you to adjust the box spring cover’s tightness and keep it in top condition no matter how long the usages.

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  • Several varieties of depth options
  • Adjustable elastic
  • Easy to wash
  • High-quality knitting
  • Breathable material
  • Has trouble staying in place
  • Baggy design



 6.     Moonsea Box Spring Cover Twin Size

Box Spring Cover Twin Size, Elastic Fabric Wrap Around 4 Sides Bed Skirt, Sleek Alternative for Bed Skirts for...

This cover from Moonsea is known for its high-quality stretch capacity. They make some of the most comfortable box spring covers that are easy to use.

Due to its larger size, this product will cover many mattress areas to allow the cover to stay in place for a more extended period.

Whenever you use the bed, you are not required to fix or put it in position each time, as its extra adjustable elastics will pull it in place and allow the product to maintain its tightness.

That feature also allows the cover to fit right in with the mattress, and the color combinations make it a much better fit with the bedroom set.

You can wash this product as often as you want; it will not show any signs of getting saggy or loose. As it is made from durable and stretchy material, it will retain its form no matter the situation.

Also, it prevents the mattresses from losing shape and getting saggy from any side. Moreover, it’s easy to install; you can follow the guide on how to cover box spring included with this product.

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  • Dry cleaning compatible
  • Easy take-off and install
  • High-quality packaging
  • Prevents bed bugs
  • Resistant to spill stains
  • Low-quality knitting
  • Lacks proper instructions



 7.     Twin Six Box Spring Cover

Update Box Spring Cover, Premium Elastic Wrap Around Bed Skirt for Hotel/Home, Mattress Protector Encasement, Black...

This product is undoubtedly one of the most affordable box spring cover that offers some of the most functional and useful features that make our lives much more comfortable.

It is built from high-quality material that is great for fitting perfectly on your bed along with providing you the softest feel ever. This item is known for the softness of its materials.

This product also looks fantastic with its sleek design and matte color combinations, which is completely fade resistant; therefore, you will have a perfect-looking box cover no matter how many times you wash it.

Moreover, it can retain its form no matter how much it is stretched or how much pressure is applied. Therefore, it will also resist wrinkles and sagginess.

This product is perfect for mattresses with a depth of 10 inches; it will protect the bed from dust accumulation and allergens. Therefore, promoting the longevity of the mattress.

Additionally, this product doesn’t get easily dirty or lose its form even after more extended uses; it comes perfectly packed so that you can set it up straight out of the box.

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  • Sufficient thickness for durability
  • Covers the mattress perfectly
  • Spandex material makes it resistant to rips
  • Soft feeling material
  • Elastic band is usable in several methods for maximum functionality
  • Lacks color accuracy
  • Rubber bands lose their tightness


What to Look for Before Buying?

Box spring covers may seem like a straightforward product, but there are several parts to it that you have to make sure of before indulging in buying one. This buying guide will clear those factors for you.


One of the fundamental concerns for people, whenever they are buying something that requires accurate fitting, is the size. Being a little critical about it will completely depict the experience you get from it in box spring covers.

As you might already know, the better this product fits your bed, the more protection it gives and less maintenance it requires, since otherwise, you would have to fix it back into position each time it moves.

Therefore, it is imperative to check if the size description is good enough. You need to find the perfect one that will completely encase your mattress without any sagging from any side.

Some might have defective size charts; therefore, it would be better to check if the side fits correctly or not.


Most people use covers as an alternative to bed skirts since they don’t prefer the type of aesthetics it has or the type of protection it provides. Therefore, these products are the go-to option for those people.

So, it is essential to check if the material of the box spring cover is good enough. It would be best to make sure if the elasticity is convenient for the installation and other components.

Why elasticity? This feature will help the cover properly maintain your mattress’s form while holding on to the bed’s shape. Therefore, giving you complete encasement and protection from dust particles.

Without elasticity, if you put pressure on one side, the product will not retract accordingly, causing it to lose shape very quickly and fall out of place. So, it is vital to make sure if the elasticity is good enough.


Since we’re already talking about elasticity, therefore, durability is essential too. You need to get a proper durability check on the product as it needs to take sufficient pressure and still stay perfect.

Some products have the problem of getting holes at the corners where the material’s tension is the most. Therefore, being just elastic is not enough; it needs to be appropriately strong to handle the stress of stretching it.

Therefore, you need to consider an adequately durable product and strong enough to let you feel comfortable while giving you the flexibility to use it any way you want.


You need to make sure that the product provides adequate protection from allergens and dust particles. As this item works as an alternative to bed skirts, it needs to get those deeds done.

Therefore, try considering something that will protect you from bed bugs and other mites that might invade your mattress. Mattresses are prone to housing various insects.

These box spring covers work to protect you from those. Therefore, try to be thorough when you’re choosing a cover so that the product gives a sufficient amount of protection.


This factor is essential, as the first experience of anything is very important. If you have a box spring cover that is hard to use or put on your bed, then you know how excruciating that can be.

So, you have to realize how important it is to have one that makes your lives a little bit easier and have a proper manual or installation procedure to help you get it done much faster.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these good for low profile box springs?

These products are suitable for low profile box springs; they have several classifications of cover that will help you choose the size you want for your box spring.

  1. Are these easy to install?

They are easy to install as they will allow you to wrap around your bed, and within seconds, these will encase your box spring, protecting it from beg bugs and other problems.

  1. Can I wash them whenever I want to?

Yes, you definitely can wash them whenever you’re required to, it will allow you to have that flexibility, but you need to keep in mind before washing; one of them is that you can’t bleach them.

  1. Does it have proper instructions?

Each box spring cover comes with proper instructions to fill you in on how to use them and get them quickly installed on your bed. If there isn’t any, then you can easily follow any guides online for it.

  1. Are these resistant to stains?

Most box spring covers are made of polyester and spandex that allows them to be resistant to stains as you can easily wipe them off or use soap to clean them out.


Final Words

If you’re a person who is highly allergic to dust or any other allergens and have a fear of bed bugs, then you should use these products. This article on the best box spring cover will help you pick the right one.

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