Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame?

Air mattresses are some of the most sophisticated beds that we have around today. They are highly comfortable and you can use them in almost any environment. For instance, modern designs can be used for both indoors and outdoors uses.

Nonetheless, a number of air mattress users have raised concerns on the need to raise their airbeds above the floor. Well, if you are wondering which is the best mattress for Everyday Use and thought setting your air mattress above the ground could help – you are right.


What should you consider before putting the air mattress on a bed frame

Here are a few tricks that will help you.


You can bring in a piece of plywood that’s the same size as your air mattress and also the frame of the bed that you intend to use.

The plywood should be thick. A thickness of about 4 inches will be super ideal. Once you get your plywood, fix the plywood in the bed frame. The plywood should be suspended above the ground and raised to the bed’s level.

Make sure the plywood that you bring in is free from any form of abrasion. Even so, you should find a rug, thick blanket, or soft carpet to spread over the plywood’s surface before you lay your air mattress above the plywood’s surface.

Box Spring

Box spring has been used before. It is best for you if the plywood isn’t your cup of coffee. All you need to do is to get a box spring that you like the most and one that fits your bed and bring it home.

Once home, pick a material that you know won’t damage your Air Mattress and use it to cover the springs. A tarp would work really well. Follow the tarp with a soft rug if you must and then lay out your mattress.

Ready-Made Frames

Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame

With high technology, today, finding a bed frame that’s specifically made for an air mattress is a no-brainer really. Simply find a reliable online store and purchase a special frame for your air mattress.

The frames will have non-prick covers around the joints to prevent the mattress from getting punctured. In addition to that, these frames are often larger than the mattress so that your air mattress doesn’t touch the corners.

Don’t worry though. In case you get a puncture check.

What To Keep In Mind When Raising Your Air Mattress

If you are raising your air mattress above the ground, there are chances that you will encounter quite a number of issues around the whole process. Here are a few things that we have singled out for you:-

Slipping and Falling

A number of air mattress lovers who raised their beds complained about the mattress slipping and falling. To solve this problem you will do the following:-

  • Get Enough Space

Enough space means that you will have the freedom you need to put a formidable frame which will hold. Take the example of a bed frame. If you have enough space you will design one that easily allows your mattress to stay in the middle of the frame without touching the corners. This will prevent any form of scratch, slip, or damage.

  • Test the Mattress

You don’t just want to raise your air mattress and walk out for a cup of coffee only to come back at night ready to sleep. You never know what it turns out like. So test your bed once you are done raising it.

Find out if it is comfortable and if it can easily hold your weight. If you feel any discomfort, try to fix it first. Any squeaky feeling will easily deprive you of your good night sleep any day or night.

So test the structure before setting the mattress on it. I suggest that you lie in the empty structure and see how strong or shaky it turns out to be.

  • SetFrame Against The Wall

The reason this option is suggesting simply to add on the sturdiness of your newly designed comfortable air mattress bed. It is quite a helpful tip if you plan on sleeping on an air mattress every day.

It is ideal for people who share their air mattress with others and therefore want to add a much more steady aspect on their bed. Think of it as an additional bolt-on the bed frame that you are using now.

Overall Costair mattress with frame

While raising your bed may not cost much, it is still important that you really understand how much you might end up spending. And depending on your design, taste, preferences, and style, the overall cost will play a major role.

In order to determine the cost, ask yourself the following questions:-

  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • What design do I plan on going with?
  • Will I do it alone or hire someone to do it for me?
  • Will I buy new materials or recycle the framing materials?

Well-made designs will last long irrespective of how often should a mattress be replaced in your home.


In many occasions, most people will ignore the maintenance part. But like your best air mattress design, it will be very important that you also care and maintain your raised bed frame properly.

Create a plan on how to inspect your bed frames, plywood frames should be inspected for any forms of abrasion, box springs should be countercheck for level height, and readymade models should be constantly checked for any weak joints.

Doing this will save you from damaging your mattress and also from ending up with poor sleeping positions when you sleep. They are easy to spot and you don’t need any expert know-how to do so.


Well, today we have many Types of Mattresses coming with higher heights. Nonetheless, if you need to raise your mattress into a bed frame you can always look through the following options that we have given you.

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