15 Cool Bed Ideas for Kids

Want to make a cool bed for your little angel? Don’t sweat it! You can buy the air bed for your baby and even better; here are the top 15 awesome tips that will leave you with a cozy bed for the kid any time of the day.

Read through and choose the designs that rock for you.


Light It Up First

A small decor light around the beds’ frame will give it a super cool ambiance that could easily soothe your kid to sleep. Typically you should concentrate on going with subtle lighting as bright lights might not be the perfect option for a sleepy kid.

Add the Decals Too

Kids love to play with pretty images. And that’s where the decals will help. You can always choose some awesome decals and stick them in a stylish pattern around the bed’s frame. Personally, I prefer flying butterflies for my gals.

Kids on bed

Bring In a Mattress

Nothing kills a bedroom decor like the perfect mattress. Whether it is an air mattress or a twin bed with a foam mattress, kids also want to have a soft landing for their sleeping styles and you can borrow the best ideas from choosing the right mattress types.

Frame it Up Always

A mattress on a frame ensures that your kid has a compact sleeping space. You don’t want your kid’s mattress slipping down the floor or moving a lot whenever your little angel turns. This means you need to fasten it and a frame is a key.

Lay On Best Colors

Cool Bed Best ColorsIf you ever took your time, you will realize that apart from the lighting colorful bed sheets, blankets, and duvets often give beds a unique thrill anytime. And I bet your kids have their favorite colors, amp their style and lace the bed in a colorful spree.

Give it Kiddy Pillows

Yes. That’s what my gals actually love, the tiny pillows that will spread warmth all through the winter; these pillows are definitely the way to rock especially if laced in a colorful cover that blends in well with the rooms decor and topper style.

Engrave their Names

Did you ever have this fantasy of getting a big bed with your name engraved on it? Pet names will do wonders when engraved in your kid’s beds. They make the bed’s design to stand out and will always give your loved one the best memories.

Paint it to the Core

I said it! Apart from just engraving “princes” or “love you” you can always paint the bed to the core. You can paint cute images of animals, give it a blend of different paint patterns, or simply enjoy slathering the paint over it for a unique style.

Give It Storage Space

Cool Bedroom Ideas Storage SpaceUnder the bed, you can always get room to fix some storage drawers for the clothes, panties, and toys. Additional you can keep small cute boxes around the head frame that kids can stash in their toys. Care to give these drawers a stylish touch too.

Have a Guard/ Ladder

If you have two kids you can have a ladder that leads to the top bed and paints it differently from the whole setup. A yellow ladder on a blue bed will lighten up the kid’s mood. Also, have a guard as many kids might easily fall off when sleeping.

Create Space for Dolls

Kids love dolls. They love to sleep around with their toys. To prevent them from having an uncomfortable sleep, I suggest attaching a small bed for their toys or pets to their beds. It is awesome and it will keep them happy always.

Add On a Foot Carpet

A bedside carpet might seem like a grown-up’s idea but trust me it is not. Adding a cool bedside carpet will give your kid a cozy place to step on and at the same time give your kid’s room a touch of style and elegance especially if it blends in well.

Paint Walls to Blend

Paint Walls to BlendDon’t leave the adjacent walls to the bed to look dull or boring. Give them the coolest paint too. Superhero characters, animals’ pictures, cool bright colors, and simple smart space objects will look really stylish and even make the bed stand out.

Keep It Under the Net

Cool nets are super stylish too. Choose the best colors for your kids and have a net of the same color. The design will depend on how you choose to keep the bed’s design. More importantly, understand the need to make it look really appealing.

Mix Up Your Pillows

Adding the pillows is one thing and mixing up the colors is another. Identify your kid’s favorite colors and make different pillows with different colors. The pillows can also vary in size. Once done you can throw the pillows on top of the bed and see how they turn out to be.

Additional Bedroom Tips

Apart from just giving the bed the best touch, you might want to also give your kid’s bedroom a quick touch to spice it up. Here are a few tips that will easily work magic for you. You can mix them up or pick a theme and stick to it.

  • Hang paintings, drawings, and arts around the wall. Choose paintings that blend in well with your chosen style or theme.
  • Have a specific place for shoes. Most shows will look bad when scattered around. Go with a dresser or maybe a shoe rack.
  • Bring in a small chair or seat. It might not seem worth the hassle if the kid is small but trust me it will make the room stand out.
  • Have a study table in the room. Kids love to explore especially if they are starting school. A small study table will add on style.
  • Try out a specific arrangement pattern. I love it when beds crisscross on top of each other. Choose an arrangement style that’s cool.


Whichever your choice, make sure that your kid’s bed is super cool and so is their bedroom. A great balance between the bedroom and the bed will make everything stand out and the room to have a cool ambiance with a focal point. Good luck.

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